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The APC-Microsoft Experience Hub: Classroom Of The Future


The fourth industrial revolution is here, and digital technologies are becoming the new norm. To continue to push boundaries in this tech-driven world, it is necessary to transform not just the way we work, but the way we learn. The key to digital transformation in education is rooted in 4 pillars: engaging students, empowering educators, optimizing instruction, and ultimately, transforming learning.

Asia Pacific College (APC) unveiled the Microsoft Experience Hub: a classroom of the future. As one of Microsoft’s Showcase Schools, APC transformed the typical classroom into a space where students can work, collaborate and experience learning that is flexible, personalized and engaging. The hub aims to foster an environment where unique learnings and intelligent insights can be derived.

In this space, students are introduced to software and Internet of things (IoT) projects using Visual Studio, Azure IoT, Xamarin and on the latest enterprise productivity tools in the academe like Office 365, OneNote Class notebook and Microsoft Teams. All these tools are mobile accessible so students and educators can utilize the services even when they are outside the classroom. APC is integrating Microsoft services into their entire curriculum, and the hub will serve as the catalyst for educators and students to experience innovation in technology and education.

Microsoft remains committed to the digital transformation in education as they continuously help students develop 21st century skills through education innovation. Technology, together with visionary leadership from educational institutions like APC, is enabling both students and educators to be equipped for the future.


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