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The Art of Being Successful with Women


You don’t have to be a millionaire to win women’s hearts. Muscles alone will not make you a heartthrob too. So what is the secret of being successful with the opposite sex? Fortunately, this is not a gift from above given to the chosen few but your ability to present yourself and behave in a manner that attracts women to you. In other words, it’s a skill you can master putting enough effort into self-improvement. Maria Brides Dating will gladly share the ingredients of success with you.


Everyone shouts about the importance of being confident. But it’s easier said than done. And what does confidence imply? According to women, it’s the most attractive thing about men. So you understand the connection: if you’re confident you’re desired. The good news is that you can build your confidence even from scratch. Confidence manifests itself in different ways: through your behavior, ability to communicate with different people, and your body language. Start with your body – keep your posture and get rid of fidgety movements. Smile when you talk to people, this way you’ll show that you feel comfortable with them. Speak in an assertive voice and friendly tone. Even if you don’t feel super-confident, you can appear to be so from the outside by acting in a confident way.


Women love those men who know what they live for and are success-oriented. If you fail to show a girl that you have a long-term plan for future, she might never get interested in you. That’s why you should have a clear idea of what you’re going to do to achieve the set goals no matter how successful you are at the moment. If you’re passionate about something, it brings pleasure to you, and you believe that it will lead you to success in the long run, let a woman know about it. You shouldn’t boast about your achievements and perspectives but mention them in an unobtrusive manner. Women have the inbuilt showoff-detector so they will tell the difference between boasting and your confidence in the ability to succeed.


There are two major things about men that turn women off – weakness and dependence on other people’s opinion. A successful man doesn’t want to know what other people think about him; he knows his own worth, his strong and weak points and he feels comfortable with his own self. These men are great inspirers because people feel that independence inside them and look up to them. This is what most women are looking for in men.

Sense of humor

Humor is appropriate in almost every situation, and it’s simply necessary when it comes to communicating with women. They say if you manage to get a girl to smile, you’re half-way to success. And it’s true because women like to laugh and automatically get attracted to those who can make them laugh. The best way to approach a woman is to start with a humorous or playful pickup line. Humor is an excellent ice-breaker and it immediately relieves any tension and breaks any communication barriers making a girl open for a dialog with you. So start employing a bit of humor chatting up girls and you’ll see how it works on them.

Physical contact

Touching is a powerful tool when you deal with women. Many guys fail to touch a girl on a first date or during their first meeting and miss out on establishing a connection with her. Remember that touch communicates your romantic intentions. Moreover, it has a boomerang effect: if you touch a woman, especially in a playful manner, she will touch you in return. It’s also important to know safe spots in order not to get slapped in the face. Gently touch her on her hands, shoulders, or arms and the connection is established.


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