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Tips for Healthy Skin


healthyEveryone is searching for the perfect recipe for healthy and beautiful skin at some time in their life, but the only way to truly get great skin is by following these five simple tips. It doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin – These tips will work for everyone. These tips will also help you get a healthier body in the process so you’re double winning! 

1. Avoid too much sun exposure.

When you are out in the sun, even for small amounts of time, your skin is damaged. Short of living in your basement and only coming out at night, using sunscreen every time you venture outside is the best way to avoid the damage that the sun can cause. Excessive tanning, sunlight exposure, and tanning beds will do harm to your skin that you may not be able to see for years.

2. Stop Smoking!

This seems obvious but many people don’t relate the damage the inside of their body takes to their skin as well. Smoking takes time off of your life with each cigarette and wear and tear on your skin shows pretty quickly once you start smoking. Quit smoking now and it will help you look and feel years younger, even if you have been smoking for decades.

3. Be kind to your skin.

There is no way to put your skin through harsh treatments or extreme lifestyle changes and expect it to come out on the other side unscathed. The best thing you can do is try and show your skin tender loving care. Using all-natural products is the best remedy for harsh treatments that are meant to help tend to the skin.

4. Eat Well!

The better the foods are that you put in your body, the better the results that will show on the outside of your body. Your body is similar to a car. If you put in good fuel, you will get good results. However, if you put in acid instead of fuel, the car will quit working well before its time. Your body does well when you put in enough water and healthy foods, but soda and junk food are going to make your body react poor and it won’t look so hot either.

5. Stop Stressing Out.

This may seem easier said than done at times but it will help your body as a whole. Even stressing out about how much you’re stressing out is going to cause your entire body harm. It can cause breakouts, increased oil production on the skin, and numerous health issues within your body. Try a relaxing bath or facial to calm your nerves and get your body’s systems back under control.

These five simple tips are going to help you be proud of the skin you’re in, while looking and feeling your best. Getting healthy skin is not difficult if you take care of yourself inside and out. So what are you waiting for? Start now!


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