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Top 4 Treatments to Recover from a Breakout


If you are one of those people that are dealing with acne breakouts (like most of us), then you are probably looking for a way to treat the breakout as quickly as possible. Here are a few quick tips proven to be successful in making the breakout clear up as quickly as possible, with little to no discomfort along the way:


Recently it has been found that acupuncture is able to help reduce the inflammation that is associated with breakouts. If you have the time and know of an amazing acupuncturist, then give it a try and see how much it will benefit your skin.

Drinking Water

Drink  your recommended eight glasses of water each day, if not more. This will help flush toxins and bacteria out of the body, including the skin, and leave you with cleaner and clearer skin.

Rubbing Tomato on Breakouts

Using thin slices of tomatoes on your breakouts will help reduce them quickly because the acids in the tomato will eat the bacteria that the breakout is producing. This will help your skin look better in a short amount of time and you will feel better even faster.

Natural Oils

Both tea tree oil and lavender oil placed on the skin (at separate times, not mixed together) will help reduce the effects of a current breakout and minimize the visual effects that the breakout will leave behind on your skin.

Simple Solutions + Great Results

These simple solutions are important when you are trying to recover from a breakout quickly. These treatments are known to help and each treatment has its own time frame so you can decide how much time you have to devote to making your skin look and feel better.


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