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Travel With No Worry


Nowadays most people travels a lot to de-stress, have fun and get some adventure or simply bond with their families and friends.  Travelling is really fun, exploring different places and their culture is such a great experience but have you ever thought of the unforeseen accidents that could happen? Especially to people who loves to travel a lot abroad, have you think about this kind of circumstances? Well have you heard about travel insurance? Just like the other insurances you get such as car insurance for your car. One of the example of car insurance is malayan car insurance

Well what is a Travel Insurance? Travel insurance is an insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or domestically. You may think it’s an additional expense but having insurance, you are secured while travelling and I think it’s worth it to have one.

Do you really need travel insurance? YES! Why? We never know when accidents or any unforeseen circumstances will can happen.  And being insured will make you more secured while having fun as you travel.

You can get travel insurance from a number of sources such as banks or even with your airlines. But before signing in make sure to check or review on their policies and coverage and get only to trusted insurance companies. If you don’t like their policies, you can check this trusted company Malayan’s Travel Master.

Product Feature and Benefits:

  • Personal Accident
  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Personal Liability
  • Recovery of Travel Expenses
  • Travel Inconvenience Benefits
  • Travel Assistant Benefits
  • Value Added Feature

These are the product features you should look into when looking for travel insurance. And when getting a travel insurance:

  1. Read and Review all the policies and coverage.
  2. You can ask for others, family and friends who have travel insurance.
  3. Evaluate the pros and cons

Chances are you will not use your travel insurance in your trips but you know accidents do happen sometimes and it’s better to be safe.


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