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Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Car Vacuum Cleaner


So you’re about to buy a new car vacuum cleaner, but you are having cold feet since you’re not sure if that’s the right decision. Well, if that’s the case, then keep reading cause I’m about to give all the tips on buying car vacuums.

1. Know what you want

SDo some throughout researches and find out which type of car vacuum is best for you. After all, you do not want to waste money on something that you will never use. There’re a dozen models of car vacuums on the market, so feel free to pick what you like.

SThis also makes your buying process easier. When you’ve already known what you need and want, you won’t have to waste time on picking. More so, you’ll have more chance to find a used version of your favorite model. Even the best car vacuum sometimes are sold as used goods. Or in addition, you can find dupes of your favorite model, which works as well though.

2. The accessories

SBefore setting a deal, you should check all the components and attachments. Maybe do research to see which component and tool come with it. Then check the conditions of these attachments to see if they are in good conditions or not. This will partly determine how well their previous owner treat them.

SRemember that, sometimes, you can buy most of the accessories online given that your car vacuum is not too dated.

3. Judge its detail

SThis is one of the main reasons why people do not buy used goods, since they are afraid that buying secondhand objects may have some contagious diseases. Though it is definitely not contagious, it is no harm for you to check its condition and state. I strongly recommend that once you have bought a used car vacuum, you should at least clean it before using it. And definitely, empty the bag filter or even buy a new one, if possible.

SIn case there is a broken or damaged part, replace them or contact the manufacturer immediately (if your device comes with a warranty).

4. Determine age

SAsk yourself these questions, like: How long do you think it has been used? Does it look like what it supposes to look like? Does it have any scratch? This is important, as you will never get the optimal performance if a hose is crack or the machine is too old.

SSo, make sure to ask about its usage and condition before setting a deal.

5. Ask for warranty

Most car vacuums tend to have a 1-year warranty, though some may have 2 years. That is why it is best to ask the dealer about its warranty. After all, there is nothing better than not having to pay for the expense of your malfunctioned vacuum.

SHowever, while buying a used good, the chance is that you will not be getting any warranty. Remember that you are buying a used car vacuum. The owner may have used for a long time. So do not be surprised if it does not come with a warranty. However, if it does, it might worth considering.

7. Find a technician nearby

SBefore getting it to action, it is best to bring it to your nearby technician and give it an overall check. Though it is not really necessary, it is something you can do to judge the cleaning and overall performance of your machine.

8. Do some research on the dealer

SAlways and always, make sure that you are buying from a reliable buying source. Whether it is getting contact of the buyer, read the review of other customers, etc. There are many scammers on the internet exist for a sole purpose of stealing your money, so be careful with that.

SAlright, that’s my tips on how to buy the best-used car vacuum. I hope you find my information helpful to you. Remember that these are tips coming from my own experiences. So, it is understandable that you may disagree with me on some aspects. And like always, stay tuned my readers!

Author: My name is Raymond Brown and I am a car care professional. I have 6 years of experience in the car industry and am currently an advisor at the Automotive Spaces blog. I always want to share my experience for all people to help them take care their car perfectly.


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