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The Wonderful Benefits of Water


Water-copy-630x300Water is pure, natural, and clean. Our bodies need water to survive yet most of us are dehydrated more than we are hydrated. Being dehydrated can cause headaches, fatigue, and poor skin. It’s time to give up sugary and caffeinated drinks once and for all and opt for water instead. If you need some flavor, add some lemon or lime slices to it, or make a large pitch of water and add some of your favorite berries to naturally sweeten the water. Continue reading how water benefits your precious skin…

Opens Your Pores – Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help your body flush out dangerous toxins that sit in your body too long when enough water is not drank. Water flushes out toxins through our waste and sweat, opening up the pores and cleansing them out, leaving the skin looking glowing and fresh.

Moisturizes – Water naturally moisturizes your skin. When you drink enough water, your body is hydrated, allowing your skin to be perfectly dewy without being dry or oily. When the skin is dehydrated of water, it causes the skin to become dry then oily since the body will pull excess oil to the surface, trying to hydrate the dehydrated skin. When the skin becomes overly oily, acne breakouts occur. llllll

Youthful – You will look more youthful if your skin and body are hydrated. Our skin is comprised of about 20% of water and we sweat and urinate much of this away. It’s important to replenish the loss of water, and in turn, the skin will look younger from being hydrated. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles…naturally with water.

Fight Acne – Acne breakouts will lessen if you drink enough water. Water will flush out the dangerous toxins from the body, opening the pores to remove deeply embedded impurities like excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. You will be so happy with less acne breakouts!

More Awake – Caffeine only boosts our energy for a short period of time, while water will keep you more alert and awake throughout the day. Caffeinated drinks also cause the body to become dehydrated, causing you to become tired during the day. So trade in those sugary sodas and coffee drinks for cold water instead.

You will be amazed at how wonderfully beautifully your skin will become in short period of time by drinking water regularly. Don’t punish your skin…love it. If you keep your body and skin hydrated with water, your skin will look younger, it will be more clear and moisturized, and you will look and feel more energized!


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