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Wood Watches By Jord



The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

Honestly speaking, I’m not the kind of person who wears bracelets, watches or any accessories. Not because I never like any design but because I have a very small wrist that is why it’s hard for me to find a bracelet or watches that fits my wrist well.  I’m very jealous to the girls who can wear any kind of accessories that fits them well.

When I was contacted by Jord Watches (pronounced “yord” and translates to earth, soil and land in Swedish) to do a product review of their watch, I’m a little bit hesitant because maybe they can’t provide a watch that will fit my wrist. Looking around their online shop, I can’t turn down this opportunity because they offer a bunch of designs and they all come in a variety of woods.


To make the story short, I agreed and chose one watch that they will send to me. After how many weeks, I received a noticed from our post office that I need to claim for a parcel. I knew it was from Jord. The company also paid the tax for me to be able to get the watch that is why I’m very thankful to them.


I opened the package and was greeted with a beautiful carved wooden box. I slid open the cover and there was my Ely Maple wooden watch. The Ely watch is on it’s own branded pillow with a little engraved wooden tag, a warranty card and a card with social media information along with a couple of extra links for the strap.
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The watch has JORD logos on the side button, on the inside of the case and on the back, where you close it. The inside is made of wood as well.


“Ely is produced using a slightly smaller dial and band, with the addition of a date display. The simplicity of this design accentuates the intricacy of the wood grain. The Ely is understated and effortless.”

Time Honored Style: (from their site)

Our hometown of St. Louis has a downtown dotted with historic brick buildings. Varying in size and structure the modest designs have remained relevant to the modern day businesses and homes that now inhabit them, like the Ely Walker Warehouse – now lofts – that our Ely is named for. Its classic styling and construction has stood the test of time. Time honored style will find no lack of appreciation in the present day.


Color and Appearance: (from their site)

Maple is found all over the world, but the Hard Maple wood in our watches comes from Northeastern North America. Unlike our other series that utilize the center heartwood of the tree, our Maple watches are made from the outer rings, known as the sapwood. The graining is typically straight with slight waves and has a fine, uniform texture. Maple is fairly easy to work with but care must be taken to not overheat the tools as maple is easily burned.


The technical details:

Deployment Buckle with Push Button
Scratch Resistant Mineral
Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (2015 w/Date Display)
Case Width: 37mm
Case Thickness: 11mm
Lug Ends: 45mm
Band Length: 200mm
Band Thickness: 21mm


Things I love about my Ely Maple Jord Watch:

  • It’s one of a kind. I feel like my watch is cooler than everyone else.
  • Light and comfortable to think it is a wooden watch.
  • I like that the brand of the watch is engraved everywhere.
  • The price is affordable for this price.
  • JORD ship internationally.


Three things I can described Jord they’d be  — beautiful, functional, and sustainable. I really love the watch! It is a perfect gift for someone who will celebrate something special. Just like me, it was a perfect birthday gift for me by Jord. Thank you so much Jord <3

The Ely retails at $129 which is around £83 and JORD ship internationally.  The Ely is available in four different types of wood, each one a different colour, Black (my one), Cherry (a warm red), Natural Green with Maple (green toned light wood) and Maple (pale honey shade).


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