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You Broke Her Heart


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You broke her heart. Do you know how many times she told herself that she needs to be stronger? She’s been putting smile on her face though tears keeps on falling.

She keeps on telling herself that she’s fine though deep within, she knows she’s not. If you only knew how she wanted to be with you all this time. If you only knew how hard it is for her to get over your memories. If you only knew how many times she’d cried. If you only knew how she stalk your profile just to check if you found somebody new. It breaks her heart a little bit more each day. Do you know that she always listen to music that could hopefully heal her heart and to make her stronger? She pretends to be fine when she’s not. Do you have any idea how you made her feel all this pain and hurt? Each and every day of her life carrying these feelings makes her feel sad. If you only knew what she’d been through… I hope you know what you’re doing to her all this time.

With Love;



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