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Your U.S Address For Shopping And Shipping With myMailBox


 I always prefer online shopping and I think everyone knew that. With my work schedule, It’s very convenient for me to shop online because I don’t need to go out just to buy the things that I want and need. But sometimes there are websites that only ship to U.S address and it makes me sad because I live in the Philippines. If I don’t have a U.S address, how can I buy that?

Just recently, I discovered this website called myMallBox. It is a website where you can have a U.S address by just registering to their website You may visit their website at I registered and they gave me a U.S address which I used when I shop online few days ago. The seller shipped it to the U.S address that MyMailBox gave to me. After they received the parcel, I told them to hold the parcel first because I have another parcel coming their way so they can ship it all together. After few days, my other parcel already arrived that is why I instructed them to ship the parcels on my Philippines address.
It was my first time using myMallBox and I’m very happy and satisfied with it.. The process was very easy and understandable. They will follow your instructions on what to do with your package. And if you have a problem regarding your parcel, their customer service is very happy to assist you! #myMallBox

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