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2018 Asia Ecomm Summit Brings Industry Experts Under One Roof

The disruptive innovations and trends in the ecosystem of e-commerce were the focus at the  2018 Asia ECOMM Summit held July 11, 2018, at the Marriot hotel in Pasay City. This year’s theme “At First, Disruption Looks Like a Toy”, was spearheaded by LBC Business Solutions, the leading name in logistics in the country, in partnership with Asia CEO Events, the nation’s largest business events organization.

The conference was deemed timely, as more and more Filipino consumers are leaning towards e-commerce for their various needs- from food, apparel, tourism, real estate and pharma to even weddings, funerals and farming. E-commerce is not just becoming more trendy, it’s becoming more necessary as it offers a wider variety in terms of products and prices–while saving them from the woes of traffic and long line as the items can be delivered right at their doorstep.

This year’s Asia ECOMM Summit featured the nation’s most notable CEOs who have revolutionized the way they do business through the e-commerce platform.  Among the highly-reputed companies which delivered talks before the hundreds of executives who attended the conference were Microsoft, Quad X, VeritasPay, ABS-CBN Publishing and Security Bank, who all shared their experiences and expertise on e-commerce culled from their day-to-day operations.

Asia CEO President Rebecca Bustamante says: “The E-Commerce Forum is the most convenient platform to bring to light the breakthroughs and challenges that beset e-commerce,  and find means to resolve its glitches that stunt the fast paced growth of their businesses”.

LBC Express’ Vice-President for Corporate Solutions Jerome Santos is proud to be headlining the event, saying: “The E-Commerce summit is an opportune time to bring together, in one venue, all the experts in the e-commerce industry who will be able to each share their unique business proposition. To have a venue where we at LBC can be amongst esteemed industry players who are all bent to teach and learn from each other the intricate facets of e-commerce, is a huge privilege for us. We believe that whatever the business or the goal, we all have to put our minds and strengths together so we can enhance the e-commerce industry- for the benefit of thousands of consumers who strive for efficacy and reliability”.


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