3 Reasons To Love Birch Tree Fortified Choco

Birch Tree, the Philippines’ trusted milk brand that helped nourish and build healthy children for many generations, introduces a new and improved Birch Tree Fortified Choco powdered milk drink. And here are three reasons why kids and moms will surely love this flavored milk drink.  

Flavored milk helps kids drink more milk

For children who don’t like the taste of regular milk, flavored milk drink offers a tasty option to help them get two to three servings of dairy they need each day. School-age children often choose flavored milk drinks, like chocolate, over regular white milk, which helps them consume more milk. This is important, considering more children drink less milk than the recommended amount.  

Experts recommend that children drink more milk because kids generally eat a less diverse diet than adults1. And flavored milk drink is a convenient way to provide them with essential nutrients, helping them grow stronger and healthier. 

It has more nutrients than ever

The reformulated Birch Tree Fortified Choco contains more nutrients than its old formulation. Each serving contains more Vitamin C to better support children’s immune systems, as well as Vitamins B2 and B12 for energy metabolism support. The new and improved formula also has Vitamins A and D for healthy bones and development support.

When consumed with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, Birch Tree Fortified Choco can give kids the right amount of nutrients to help boost their immunity and energy, so they can focus on learning and playing all day long. 

It now comes in a new, fun packaging

The tasty, healthy goodness that is Birch Tree Fortified Choco now comes in new, fun packaging! So, choco milk time can also be fun time in this updated #MooKulit pack.

Birch Tree Fortified Choco is now available online on Lazada and Shopee, as well as in your favorite grocery stores and supermarkets in 29g, 290g, 600g, and 1kg packs. 

Chockful of flavor and nutrients, the new and improved Birch Tree Fortified Choco is #ChocoSarap na, #MooSustansya pa!