5 Type Of Golf Courses Everybody Loves

Golf is an enjoyable yet complex game. Many people are still unaware of the factors involved before and during the game to make it great. You need to be familiar with the equipment and master your space. Also, you must be knowledgeable enough about the types of golf courses in able for you to determine the right for you and in your area. Well, whether you are an amateur or a professional player who still wants to learn, this one is for you. Know the types and their features as you read through.


This is also referred to as “seaside links”, and it is the most traditional type of golf course. It is usually located in coastal areas and on sandy soils, with few water hazards and tress. These link courses reflect the nature of the scenery where the sport originated. The links were naturally extensive and undulating but with little agricultural value and thus suitable for golf uses.

The wide use has rendered the li that is relatively treeless. However, there are recognizable features you can see, like natural course contours which makes the holes unique and in form.


Parkland golf courses are characterized by design elements, narrower fairways and natural settings. But on the other hand, tall trees are an essential part of the hurdle, and the purpose of imitating expansive and stunning gardens means they are often well-manicured and taken care of. These courses are potentially less roll, especially in bad weather seasons.


These courses are popular in parts of the USA and the Middle East. Greenery form this golf range is sometimes the only green seen for miles, and they often require a lot of irrigation. Not only these, but desert courses must also consider not to violate a widely accepted principle in the golfing world-course architecture must require a minimal alteration of the surrounding landscape. Playing in the desert is enjoyable, though. You’ll be surrounded by plants and animals while in the game but don’t just forget to bring sunglasses and a sun-cream.


These courses started in 1961, where the British oil workers built the emirates first golf courses as a side project to their oil pursuits. Though the work is trial and error, workers managed to create optimum green surfaces by mixing sand and oil to create golf terrain. For players enjoying a fully sanded course, they are even permitted to bring Astroturf to avoid the feeling of continuous bunker shots.


This is a less popular course of golf but an exciting way to play the game. You don’t need to think about the right club for each type of grass on a fully iced or snow golf course. In the town of Uumannaqin, Greenland, they hold an annual 36-hole ice golf tournament. Though it is notably difficult, some find it incredibly interesting. Characteristics of this golf course include snow blindness and movement restrictions due to thick and thermal clothing. Also, you can encounter the danger of seal dens and crevasses are located there.

Now, if you are New South Wales, Australia, you might want to try visiting Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club. Their 72 Championship Golf course was designed by Graham Marsh who also designed well-known and highly acclaimed Australian golf courses such as Horizons, Robina Woods, Terry Hills, The Vine, and Paradise Palms.


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