5 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Scratching The Door

When a dog scratches the door, it can be a complicated issue to overcome. While most pet owners will want to tell the dog to stop doing this, it does not always work. That is when other methods must be used.

While investing time and effort into proper Puppy Training may be enough to stop this behavior, other steps may need to be taken, as well. Keep reading to learn what these steps are.

1. Prevent the Behavior from the Start

If a pet owner can prevent the issue from occurring, the dog will not think about doing it. If the dog is taken outside before they scratch the door, they will not think about doing this. By taking a proactive approach to ensuring a dog’s needs are met, bad behaviors will not have the opportunity to develop.

2. Ignore the Bad Behavior

If the dog scratches or barks while inside, it is a good idea to get up and leave the room. Get out of the dog’s line of sight. This will help to teach the dog that, if they scratch or bark, their human will disappear. Once the dog is quiet or stops the undesirable behavior, come back.

3. Create Healthy Separation

Many dogs do not want to be away from their human. In this case, teaching the dog a solid stay command and leaving the animal in its bed or in other locations in the yard or house is advisable. The goal should be to reach a more advanced level where it is possible to tell the dog to stay in place while walking from the yard and into the house. After this, return and give the dog treats if he or she stayed in place. This training is highly effective and can help build the dog’s self-esteem while reducing its dependence on being around people.

4. Say “No” Firmly

There is quite a bit of talk about positive reinforcement. In most cases, this is a good thing. However, with many dogs, correcting their behaviors using a firm voice will go a long way. While it is not a good idea to give the dog attention for bad behavior, showing disapproval may be enough to keep some dogs from repeating the undesirable action.

This is not effective for all dogs. If a dog is barking or scratching at the door, say “no” in a firm voice when it starts. After that, wait several seconds until the dog gets quiet. Be sure to reward the dog when they stop this behavior, and then let the pet in or out. It is also smart to use unpleasant sounds to correct the dog, such as shaking a can of rocks or coins.

5. Install a Dog Door

If a pet owner does not mind their dog having the freedom to come and go as they please, then choosing a heavy-duty dog door is a good idea. These doors are weatherproof and easy to install. They make sense in many situations.

When it comes to dogs that scratch and bark to get in or out of a home, there are several factors to consider. Being informed and knowing what to consider will help ensure the right actions are taken and that the dog’s undesirable behavior is corrected.


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