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7 DIY Accessories For An Organized Work Station

Your working space has a lot to say to you as a person as well as the quality of output you make. Though it isn’t always the case, but an organized and well-decorated workstation boosts one’s productivity and creativity. It also helps a lot in minimizing uncalled for mistakes as you have full control of everything through and through.

While buying organizers and furniture seem to be an optimal option. You might want to consider as you can actually decorate and organize your work station without even shelling out a single penny. Find out more in the list below.

DIY Pencil holder

Kind a cliche as it may seem, but this never runs out of date. Almost everywhere you look, you will never fall short of tin cans. In fact, they all come in different sizes. Of course, just because you have found one doesn’t mean you instantly make it a holder. The key here is to make it look attractive not a piece of junk on your desk. Here are easy steps you must follow:

  • Using a pliers or cutting tool, cut sharp edges from the can.
  • Remove the label by submerging the can to a warm, soapy water.
  • Let dry then paint it using spray paint. We recommend that you use white as base color to make it easier for you to change into a different color or design later.
  • If available, cut a cork sheet. Wrap and glue it around the can. This makes your can dual purpose: a holder and a small semi cork board to place your notes.
  • Place your writing materials in the can and stick photos or notes onto your DIY cork board.

Re-purpose Muffin Trays

Who would have thought that old baking tools are handy in organizing office? Well they certainly are useful. The number of holes correspond to the variety as well as the storage capacity of the tray. This does not mean that you should choose bulky muffin tray with a large storage capacity. Consider of course the available space you have. Normally a six-hole muffin tray will do. So, what to do?

  • Clean your chosen muffin tray.
  • If there are dents or scratches consider repainting it using a spray paint, but if you are saving then it will do.
  • Identify which items are stored for each hole. Small office supplies are ideal like push pins, clips, eraser, tapes, staple wires and etc.
  • Make labels and paste it in the corresponding hole.
  • Store the items and place it in a drawer as you wouldn’t use them normally.

Old Wooden Window/Wooden Frame

Tired of your run down, traditional cork board? Then consider decorating and diversifying its use by incorporating a mix of different materials like cork board and chalkboard. Aside from the touch of creativity it boosts the brain by stimulating hormones that are relaxing and motivating. What to do?

  • Look for an old or cheap wooden frame. The size depends on your preference as well as the space you need.
  • If it’s a window, then it should already have partitions. But if it’s a new or old wooden frame, create symmetrical partitions. The number of partitions depends on you.
  • Get the size of each partition and cut the cork and chalk sheet accordingly to this measurement.
  • Attach the cut chalk and cork board to its corresponding partition.
  • Make sure to attach each material in alternate order to diversify its appearance.
  • Lastly, attach on the cork board reminders, photos and other things you wish to be reminded of. While write on the chalkboard your favorite quotes from popular personalities or even slogans you subscribe to.

Cereal boxes/Mug boxes

The last thing to make out of these boxes is to be storage bins at your workstation. We are so used to disposing these immediately as these do not pose any relevance to our personal and work life. But little did we know that they are excellent dividers. Here are steps on how you can repurpose them:

  • Look for small boxes as they are the most ideal for the job.
  • Using stylish wrappers or colored papers, wrap these boxes.
  • With decorative tapes, attach these wrappers in to the box. It would make it look stylish to if you place tapes on each corner of the box.
  • Use a different decorative tape for each box.
  • Store your office supplies and place in your drawer.


The most ideal partner for decluttering and organizing your office. It comes in different sizes and can be customized based on your color preference. What’s more, these can store scissors, tapes, and other tools you normally use which you would like to see immediately. So, what to do?

  • Look for a place to place your pegboard.
  • Choose the size of the pegboard based on your chosen location.
  • Refurbish as needed and choose your most favored color.
  • Attach small prongs to the pegboard which can carry small office tools.

Binder clips

Admit it cords are a nuisance; they always have been. Once entangled it will take some time to unbridle it. Not mentioning the safety hazards, they are prone to being stepped or pulled accidentally. One good solution this is by using the ubiquitous binder clips.

  • Check your work station and look for a place where the binder clip can be attached. Ideals ones are the edges of a table or places where you can easily find.
  • Identify how many cords need to be organized. Example, USB cords, phone and laptop chargers, and etc.
  • Assign one binder clip to one cord so it would be easy for you to identify and grab it.
  • If the cord is not needed, use the metal handle for it to rest on.

Magazine holders

Walls are the most dismissed area of any space. It is often seen as a mere divider of space nothing less, nothing more. But these neglected spaces are often the solution to a cramped up working space. Using magazine holders or other materials, walls can be turned into an extension of your work station. How?

  • Collect used magazine holders that are in good condition.
  • Identify the categories of documents that will be stored in these holders.
  • Wrap the holders using colored papers, old magazines, or stylish wrappers.
  • Label each accordingly based on your categorization.
  • Attach the magazine holder to the wall using any strong adhesive. Make sure that it is arranged systematically to not lose its aesthetics.
  • Store your documents.

More often than not we do not see the value of repurposing old materials and items within our surroundings. We take it for granted that things can be bought and replaced in a split second. What’s important to remember here is that organizing your office can be done without making yourself bankrupt. You are saving money as well as helping save the environment.



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