7 Inspiring Religious Traditions We Can All Learn From

Did you know America’s workaholic culture evolved in part from early settlers’ Protestant work ethic? Religious traditions have helped shape cultures, ethnicities, and societies since humans first blinked at the sunlight.

There are many types of religion around the world with very different beliefs, doctrines, and worship. However, similar ethical and moral threads are found in almost every popular religious tradition.

Anyone can find wisdom in these religious life lessons, even if they don’t practice a particular religion. Keep reading to learn about 7 religious traditions we can all use for inspiration!

1. Everyday Spirituality

Everything in our lives and everything we do is part of a larger whole. This belief is especially present in traditional African, Native American, and Aboriginal religious cultures.

Even in highly diverse African societies, every facet of life from art to economy is a reflection of spirituality. This encourages deeper respect for our environments and our communities. 

2. Have Faith in Higher Power

Faith in a higher power is especially central to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religious life lessons. The belief that God directly provides for your spiritual needs is known as Jehovah Jireh: https://www.soh.church/jehovah-jireh-meaning/.

You find inspiration in any higher cause, from volunteer work to education. Whatever the belief, we can always use faith in something bigger than ourselves for comfort and perspective during hardships.

3. Support Community and Family

Religious traditions can also encourage families and communities to build each other up. The Japanese religion Shinto places a special emphasis on harmony and cooperation with the people directly around you.

Communities and families will have their own personal Shinto shrines. These are deeply spiritual places for performing religious traditions, rituals, or rites of passage. You can use similar gathering places to form positive connections, whether it’s a church, a library, or a hobby club.

4. Give Generously to Others

Altruism is a foundational aspect of most popular spiritual beliefs. Islam’s religious holiday Ramadan is a multi-day introspection period to promote a deeper awareness of empathy and generosity. Adherents will fast throughout the day to experience sympathy for the poor and hungry.

There are many ways to gain perspective on other people’s hardships. This includes reading books about their experiences or finding inspiration in charity and volunteer work.

5. Seek Atonement and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Forgiveness of sins is very important to Christianity and Judaism. Yom Kippur is a Jewish religious holiday centered on seeking repentance of your mistakes and the absolution of other people’s mistakes.

Even therapy and other self-healing practices encourage sincere apologies for past behavior. This makes atonement and forgiveness part of our mental and emotional health, along with spiritual well-being.

6. Remember Your Loved Ones

We literally wouldn’t be here without our ancestors. The idea that our loved ones are always with us spiritually is found everywhere, from Christianity’s Heaven to Buddhism’s religious holiday Ullambana/Obon, famous for its paper lanterns.

Our family and friends are major influences on how we grow as people. No matter your beliefs about an afterlife, you can take comfort from the memories of your loved ones and the positive influence they had in your life.

7. Don’t Forget to Celebrate!

Religious holidays and celebrations can still play a part in our lives, even if we aren’t into that religion. Christmas is a great example of this.

Native American and Aboriginal tribes hold elaborate dances. The Catholic festival Carnival is still celebrated throughout the world. Gift-giving, feasts, dress up, dancing: however you want to celebrate life, go for it!

Finding Inspiration in Religious Traditions

Although there are many types of religion, they have similar inspirational messages. Religious traditions can motivate you to be a better person, have empathy for other people, and even just enjoy life.

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