A Deliciously Iconic Cake: Red Ribbon Black Forest

Icons are not made overnight. To become an icon, one needs to have captured the hearts of many across generations by delivering unique features that represent the gold standard of its kind. No doubt, Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake has done just that – it has withstood the test of time and has established itself as one of the most iconic and well-loved cakes through the years. And what exactly makes Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake the classic favorite that it is now? Allow us to count the delicious ways!

Perfect for any occasion

Celebrations, big or small, are all made extra special by having Red Ribbon’s Black Forest as the centerpiece. Since it was offered four decades ago, Black Forest has borne witness to many birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones simply because people of all ages love the choco-cherry delight that it brings, and what better cake is there to share than one enjoyed by all! To top its incomparable flavor, Red Ribbon Black Forest’s elegance in design truly makes it a stunning centerpiece to any occasion.

Only the finest ingredients

Aside from sophistication in design, Red Ribbon’s Black Forest is also exquisite in taste, thanks to the fine quality of ingredients that go into it. Who hasn’t been enamored by its layers of rich chocolate cake and garnishes, all custom-made by Red Ribbon for that touch of unique luscious goodness inside and out? The cake’s abundance of fluffy cream crafted and formulated in-house also stands out, made even more delicious by carefully selected Maraschino cherries that top its creamy icing rosettes. Dig into the full package and witness how each ingredient contributes to the rich and irresistible delight that is Black Forest. No wonder it has become the choice of the most discriminating palates!

That perfect balance of premium and affordability

Perfection in taste need not be heavy on the budget. While only the best ingredients are used in their Black Forest Cake, Red Ribbon always puts its loyal customers in mind by making sure that prices remain well within reach. At only P600 for its regular size and P400 for its junior variant, everyone can bring home this premium and delicious masterpiece to be the center of their special occasions.

Indeed, Red Ribbon’s Black Forest continues to amaze Filipinos with its special look and taste at price points well within the family’s reach, making it worth every peso suitable for any occasion. Ask anyone who loves the Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake and they’ll say that every slice comes bursting with intense chocolate flavor and irresistible richness—a treat that’s simply decadent, pleasurable, and timeless in appeal.  So don’t hold back! Treat yourself with the finest indulgence within reach by calling Red Ribbon’s #87777 hotline, chatting via Red Ribbon’s Messenger Ordering Service, or ordering through the new Online Store at redribbononline.com. Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake is also available in GrabFood and Foodpanda apps.