A Letter To My Daughter On Valentine’s Day

Dearest Chloe Chrizette Vielle,

I need to make sure you know that you are the love of my life. ♥️ From the very first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew: we were meant to be a family.  You may not have my eyes or nose, but you absolutely share my sense of humor and in so many ways, you’re the “topakin” mini me. 😅 Your laughter fills my heart with joy and your hugs are pretty much my favorite thing ever. 🤗 You are cherished, my sweet daughter. 😘

You are all that is good and right in the universe, little girl. 😍 Your smile can light rooms, and your empathy and compassion are astounding. 😊 I believe that you will find a way to make your mark on this world. 👌 I have no idea how, or what your passion will be, but I know that you are going to touch the lives of those you meet in a thousand different ways. That you are going to inspire love and warmth wherever you go. Because you already do, sweet girl. 😉

Being your Mom is the greatest honor I have ever had in my life. 👩‍❤️‍👩 You are such a special human and I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I want to make this day (and everyday) in your life, a day of pure love. 😘

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. 😘 Thank you for the flower. 🌷 I love you. ♥️

Always and Forever,
Mommy. 💕


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