A Minute to Relax: 7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Massage Table

Whether among professionals or enthusiastic amateurs, massage tables are more popular than ever. Owning a massage table can be anything from a way of making a living to a key to making life more enjoyable for family members and friends.

A high-quality massage table should provide many years of service while serving the needs and preferences of its owner and those who actually lie on it. Focus on the following seven issues when shopping for a massage table and you will be able to identify the perfect model without trouble.

  1. Level of Portability

The single easiest way to narrow down the number of massage tables under consideration is to decide whether portability is a priority. Should a portable table seem appealing, it will then help to think about just how much of this asset will be helpful.

Some tables are designed to pack up into especially compact, lightweight packages that can be lifted and moved with one hand. Others are meant to be moved occasionally but feature more substantial supports and platforms that add to their overall weight.

There are also plenty of professional-grade massage tables that are intended to be set up in an appropriate place and left there permanently. The level of portability a massage table features will often be its most obviously distinguishing trait. Thinking about how much portability to target will always be a good way to get started when shopping.

  1. Capacity

Every massage table is rated to bear a certain amount of working weight. That includes both the mass of the person being worked on and the force being applied by the masseuse.

As such, massage techniques that are especially vigorous can merit the purchase of stronger, more capacious tables. It can even make sense to own an especially rugged but weighty table to use for one type of massage while relying otherwise on a more portable one.

  1. Padding

People being massaged tend to get lost in the sensations they are experiencing. A massage table needs to be comfortable, though, to avoid becoming an unpleasant distraction.

The amount and type of padding a massage table includes will always impact the experience of using it. Once again, the type of massage that will be employed needs to be accounted for. A masseuse who focuses on shiatsu might be better served by a different type of cushioning than would suit one who specializes in other techniques.

  1. Headrest

Many massage tables include headrests that make them more comfortable and can open up interesting therapeutic options. Some tables can even be fitted with a variety of headrests, each of which aims to support certain techniques.

  1. Dimensions

Most massage tables are designed to accommodate people of average height. A masseuse who plans to work on basketball players might need a table of above-average length. Likewise, can it pay to purchase a massage table that is wider than normal, in certain situations?

  1. Warranty

A well-built massage table should hold up nicely for years. Manufacturers tend to back high-quality products with warranties that reflect their expected lifespans.

  1. Extras

Some massage tables are fairly spartan and simple, and that can certainly be appropriate. On the other hand, many tables include features that, while not strictly necessary, make massage easier and more effective. Looking into extras like storage pockets and height adjustments will almost always pay off.

Focus on issues like these and shopping for a massage table should be fairly straightforward. There are now many excellent tables on the market to choose from.



  1. Ramiella Keira Infante
    April 28, 2020 at 11:14 pm

    Ang sarap nito tanggal lhat NG stress at relax ka tlga NG bongga.

  2. Arriane Faye barrera
    April 29, 2020 at 6:39 am

    Yay! Thankyou for your recommendations. Dream ko talaga magkaroon din Ng massage table tapos oaaervice at home nalang, being a mom is fulfilling yet exhausting. Sarap magpamper kahit sa comfort of our home.

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