All You Should Know About Scalp Micropigmentation, SMP

If you have been scouting for a treatment that can resuscitate your thinning hair, then this comprehensive guide can help. Loss of hair is disheartening and not only does it impact your appearance but could also affect your confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to science, hair loss can be handled with this intriguing technique known as micropigmentation or SMP.

A procedure that creates the illusion of fuller hair on your scalp, micropigmentation has become quite popular. At several sites such as, you can find a viable solution to revive your receding hair and balding scalp. Performed by an electric device, the procedure involves working on the scalp.

How does micropigmentation work?

SMP aims at giving your scalp a natural look. The procedure marks the scalp with dots in a layered pattern. This is done to cast a shadow of your mane on the scalp.

Different shades of black are introduced on your scalp as dots to give it a defined look. These dots are placed in such a way that they match your existing follicles to render a natural appearance and blend seamlessly with it. Regardless of the reasons behind your mane loss, this procedure can work in your stride.

Be it cancer, alopecia, thinning of your mane, or partial and pattern baldness, SMP could prove beneficial. Are you wary that the process could be painful? Well, to say that it wouldn’t be misleading as it could differ from individual to individual. Usually, your practitioner will apply an agent to numb the scalp before proceeding with the treatment. However, some discomfort could still be experienced through the process.

Who should not get an SMP?

Well, your practitioner is the best person to guide you but as experts say individuals with a sensitive scalp, acne or psoriasis should preferably avoid any micropigmentation session during an eruption as this could aggravate the problem. Also, people who are prone to developing keloids should discuss their condition with the practitioner before taking this treatment.

Are you thinking whether this treatment is permanent or temporary? Well, SMP is semi-permanent. Depending on several other factors, micropigmentation can last up to 8 years or more. Gradually, over time, you will find the treated surface fading and the skin naturally exfoliating itself.

Note that in a well-performed treatment, the color would not fade too soon unless you have dry skin issues. For those with dry skin, flaking is common, and this accelerates pigment exfoliation.   

Hop on to this site to read more on the materials and methods used in the micropigmentation process.

Is SMP risk-free?

No treatment can be completely labeled as devoid of risk. Little risks are likely involved even in this procedure. SMP uses the tattoo technique to ink the scalp and thus the risks associated are similar to those involved in getting a tattoo art done although in the latter case the piercing is deeper and executed with a thicker needle. Among the common risks are skin allergies and potential infection caused by the tattoo pigment.

An experienced SMP practitioner should be able to conduct the procedure without any difficulties. However, you must ensure that your chosen artist has a license of operation. This includes the permit of practice, pathogens certification, operation in a hygienic and safe environment, using sterile needles and protective clothing such as masks, gloves, and other guards required to conduct an SMP treatment safely.

Of course, the license would vary from place to place, but it’s worthy of checking these details for your safety. Being aware of any risk involved in the process is equally important. You can always seek feedback from the practitioner’s previous clients or read testimonials on their site before booking an appointment.

The quality of your treatment would depend on a couple of things. First using the appropriate equipment which includes the micro-needles and the pigment as well. The second is the skill and experience of the practitioner from whom you wish to get your treatment.

What makes micropigmentation is a dependable treatment?

Hair loss and balding are common among both men and women. SMP is just the perfect treatment for women who suffer thinning across the crown of your head. With this intervention, you can be assured of a natural-looking fuller crown. Even individuals suffering from alopecia or surgery scar can be treated with this.

The pigment wouldn’t be noticeable and so you needn’t worry about it standing out as the overall look will be natural. The hair density is added in this treatment and soon after the procedure, you will be able to see the desired results unlike in other procedures wherein the first few months the density is lost. You can always retain the desired length of your mane after the procedure is completed. After a few years, you can get a touch-up done.

Among other alternative procedures that may not be as reliable in terms of the results as that of SMP are hair transplant, hair clubs, and wigs. Wigs are temporary and need to be maintained, although they can do a reasonably good job in covering mane loss. Here are some alternative procedures to treat male pattern baldness.

The other procedures such as hair transplants are expensive as compared to the value it offers and can leave scars on your scalp. Moreover, in transplantation, 20–40 grafts per square cm. are implanted. This may not match the natural density of your tresses which typically has a density of 200 hair per square cm.

SMP enhances the illusion of decreased hair density and the best results would be seen when the appropriate amount of pigment is injected into the scalp at the correct level.

Full scalp micropigmentation works best on closely shaved scalps. If your natural locks are longer, blending might become a bit challenging. Also, it is recommended that you exfoliate your scalp the night before the procedure as this will eliminate any dead skin built up. You can consult your practitioner for specifics on the preparation required to undergo the treatment.



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