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An All Natural And Eco-Friendly Korean Skin Care Brand, Farm Skin Is Now Available On Shopee!

Colder weather is upon us, and with it our skin is changing. Heating and cold, crisp air can make a big impact on it. Although our skin is combination and goes more to the oily side during summer, with colder weather it becomes dry and dehydrated.  Because our skin doesn’t love greasy creams or even some oils, we have to be extra careful when choosing products. 

Available on Shopee, Farmskin, a new skincare and personal care brand from Korea. Known for its natural ingredients, ethically conscious in all its processes and practices, including being cruelty-free and safe on animals. Its brand is known to be cruelty free and ethically conscious in all its processes and practices, including its assurance to remove 6 skin-toxic ingredients that are still seen in other skin care products today.

Farmskin practices NO Triethanolamine, NO Ethanol, NO Methylparaben, NO Benzophenone-3, NO Talc, and NO Butylparaben. Which is why it is considered to be safe to use for all skin types and ages-even for pregnancy and to the most sensitive skin! Use Farmskin to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for your skin. Begin this habit now with all- natural ingredients from farm to skin.

Facial Sheet Mask

I love sheet mask because it makes my skin smooth and glowing. Farmskin’s Facial Sheet Mask has different kinds that your skin type nees, From revitalizing, softening, pore-purifying and nourishing. It is easy and mild enough for everyday use! It contains 3 key ingredients; Kelp – a full of marine minerals from the sea, rich in Vitamin C and E. Nourishes skin and gives a flawless look. Eclipta Alba – full of vitamin A and moisture. Protect and soothes tired skin from external irritation and stress. Hyaluronic Acid – a polyssacharide that is present in our skin. It settles between dermis and collagen absorbing 1,000 times moisture than its weight. Moisturizes and improves elasticity.

  • Tomato – Revitalizing
  • Green Tea – Soothing
  •  Carrot – Pore-purifying
  •  Kale – Purifying
  •  Beet – Brightening
  •  Blueberry – Strengthening
  •  Mangosteen – Balancing
  •  Broccoli – Refreshing
  • Avocado – Softening
  •  Coconut – Nourishing
  •  Honey – Illuminating
  •  Olive – Firming

SuperFood Facial Cleansing foams

Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam has something for each skin type, with 4 different fresh fruits. Apple (Oily), Grape (Sensitive), Pomegranate (Dry), and Orange (Normal).

Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam for Dry Skin is Pomegranate. It is Enriched with natural and pomegranate botanicals will moisturize your skin and leave your skin feeling clarified and refreshed after every use. Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam for Sensitive Skin is Grape. It is enriched with natural and grape botanicals will calm your skin and leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated after every use. Skincare for a healthy skin. Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam for Normal Skin is Orange. Enriched with invigorating ingredients including origanum vulgare leaf extract; leaves your skin feeling energized after every use. Fresh Food Facial Cleansing Foam for Oily Skin is Apple. Enriched with purifying ingredients including scutellaria baicalensis root extract; helps remove excess oil to leave your skin glowing and silky-smooth.

Puzzle Soap

Combine the four missing and lacking pieces of your skin as you like. The skincare solution only for your skin problem is offered with 12 fresh ingredients from nature.

  • Tomato- Revitalizing 
  • Cranberry-Skin Plumping and hydrating
  • Orange- Refreshing 
  • Carrot- Pore care 
  • Mango- Nourishing 
  • Grape- Moisturizing 
  • Cucumber- Soothing for sensitive skin 
  • Avocado- Smoothing for a clear face 
  • Blueberry- Energezing and skin strengthening 
  • Fig- BrighteningMangosteen- Skin Balancing
  • Charcoal- Skin Purifying 

Shop for your favorite Farmskin products at: Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play.



  1. Yanpaladquisol
    December 3, 2021 at 7:32 am

    Gusto ko talaga mga skincare ng Korea. Natural ingredients at cruelty free. ❣️

  2. Mitra Lyka
    December 3, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Mukhang maganda po itong bagong product na made in Korea. Magaganda po kase ang mga skin care ng Korea.

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