Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Luis Manzano, And Kobe & Andre Paras Share Financial Lessons And Resolutions At Manulife webinar

To inspire Filipinos to realize their financial resolutions in 2021, global life insurer Manulife gathered celebrities Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Luis Manzano, and Kobe and Andre Paras in a financial wellness webinar titled “Ready, Set, #Goals” to share their insights and experiences in building successful careers, starting new ventures, and managing their finances.

“The past year showed us that our world could be turned upside down at any moment, so we need to prepare and learn to secure what we truly value, by defining our priorities and goals, and making plans to achieve them,” Melissa Henson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Manulife Philippines, said. “We organized this webinar to help Filipinos embrace a financially proactive mindset so that they can be prepared for unexpected challenges and make their every day better.”

Saving and investing early

At the webinar, Kobe opened up about how he learned the importance of budgeting wisely.

“Right now, I treat paintings as my investment. But after hearing from Manulife’s financial advisors today, I want to try the 50/30/20 rule – 50% of my income goes to my necessities, 30% to my wants, and 20% to reach my financial goals.” 

His brother Andre shared how he now plans to move forward with his showbiz career to have a more secure future.

“I love acting, and I’m very passionate about my job. However, when the pandemic struck, I was afraid because I didn’t know when I would work again, which made me rethink my financial goals. Now, I’m planning to explore ways to invest and grow my money so that I’ll be able to secure a better future for myself and my family.”

Seeking expert advice and managing expenses

Meanwhile, Jasmine shared her insights on running her newly launched loungewear and lifestyle business, her fourth entrepreneurship venture.

What I have learned is not to be afraid to ask for guidance and advice from experts about planning, operations, and financials. Be more open to people more knowledgeable than you about business and learn from them.”

Luis, who recently got engaged to actress Jessy Mendiola, shared how he is preparing financially to start a new chapter in their lives.

“Sometimes, expenses will come all at the same time, especially when you’re planning a wedding. I realized that it’s essential to diversify. Don’t keep your eggs in a single basket, so you have multiple financial sources.”

Lastly, Anne talked about what she has learned about finances in her career as an actress, a businesswoman, a wife, and her new role as mother to Dahlia.

“When I started my career at 12 years old, it was my Mom and Dad who would handle my finances. They turned it over to me once I reached 18. That was when I started managing my expenses. I was very conscious of saving up for the rainy days.”

She advised, “Compartmentalize your finances. It’s OK to treat yourself, but you need to learn to save. If you’re planning to have children, make sure to save and invest for their future so you can give them the best in life.”

Reaching your financial goals

During the webinar, Manulife’s top financial advisors and unit heads Kito Zialcita and Cherrie Brinas shared tips on money-related resolutions through sound financial planning and goal setting. They also answered celebrity and audience questions on how to grow their money and invest well in 2021, to empower more Filipinos financially even during challenging times.

“Set aside an emergency fund, so you are prepared when anything strikes. Get sufficient insurance coverage to secure your loved ones’ future. Look beyond merely saving in a bank account by investing so you can grow your money and meet your own financial goals and aspirations,” Brinas said.

Zialcita added, “By knowing how to invest wisely, you are putting capital at work. You are growing your finances not just by working hard, but also by making your money work hard for you.”

For those who missed the webinar, you can still view it by visiting Manulife’s Facebook page or visiting their website at