Back To Office: 5 Tips For Easing Back Into The Post-COVID World

As vaccines are more available and everything is returning to normal again, many people are starting to be asked to return to the office. Working from home was incredibly different, but it’s something many people got used to, so going back into the office can be a bit daunting. Still, working in an office may be something that’s necessary, at least part of the time, so it’s something many employers will require now that it’s safer to do so. Use these five tips to help ease the transition from working at home to working in the office again.

Keep Self-Care a Priority

Self-care needs to be a priority, especially in the beginning because returning to work can be stressful. Try a corporate chair massage, pick up a favorite drink on the way to work, or find other ways to relax at the end of the day. Although work is important, self-care is crucial and can help reduce stress and the issues that come with it.

Be Cautious

It’s important to still be cautious when returning to work. Covid has not disappeared, though those who are vaccinated are less likely to become sick and, if they do, they’re less likely to have serious symptoms. On top of this, other illnesses are spreading around workplaces, like the flu. Preparedness and being cautious can help workers stay healthier once they’re back to work, preventing the use of sick days right after returning.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries may be necessary to help protect the worker and keep stress levels low. It is okay to say no at work, to take time off when needed, and to take other steps to prevent burnout, especially when returning to work after a pandemic. Boundaries can be easy to set, depending on what they are, and can help significantly improve the worker’s mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. Check out tips on setting boundaries to learn what boundaries are important and how to set them.

Keep Fitness Routines

Many people started working out more when they had more time at home. Instead of a long commute, they could exercise and then sit down to work. However, many people are dropping the fitness routines as soon as they go back to the office because their time is limited again. If this is the case, try to stick with a fitness routine, even if it’s a shorter one, to remain fit and healthy after returning to work.

Take Breaks When Needed

Taking breaks is important. Even if the break is only for a few minutes, that offers a little bit of time to walk around, get some water, or do a few small exercises to get the blood flowing again and reduce stress. There are tons of workplace exercises to try out that can be done at the desk during a quick break, and taking a break even if it’s just to relax for a few minutes can help reduce strain and stress, preventing burnout.

As more and more workplaces start to return to normal following the pandemic, the idea of going back into the workplace can be stressful. However, when it is necessary, there are a number of things that can be done to reduce stress. Use the tips here to make this transition less stressful and to help get back into the routine of going to the office for work.


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