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BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter Your Life

Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress and can affect every facet of your life: from the time it takes you to do things to your finances and your overall enjoyment of life. Clutter can distract you, weigh you down and in general it invites chaos into your life.

I was one of the invited blogger at the BDJ Rendezvous Declutter Your Life event at SM Light Mall, Ground Floor, Activity Area last July 28, 2018. The BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter Your Life aims to educate and inspire the community by giving them a new perspective about the practice of decluttering, both material and mind.

They have invited four speakers to talk about how can we declutter our home and our mind. Patricia Tangcongo talked about “Dig Deep and let go”, Renelyn Tan-Castillejos talked about “Decluttering like a Guru”, Phoebe Blas talked about “Make the Switch” and lastly  Miqo Dionisio talked about “Clear it all out”.

Dig Deep and Let Go

“Decluttering is not just a chore, but a form of self-care.” 

– Patricia Tangcongo (Organizing Consultant and founder of Aliwalas.PH.

Some questions you may answer:

~What are your goals?
~What makes you happy?
~What do you value most?
~What is your dream life?

Some tips to discard your things:

1)You can sell it online.
2)You can do a garage sale with your family or relatives.
3)You can donate it to the charities.

You can answer these questions after decluttering.

~How decluttering change your home?
~How decluttering change your daily life?
~How decluttering change you?

Decluttering like a Guru

“No matter how cluttered it looks, don’t pause, don’t stop, and don’t quit. It’s all for you and for your family. Why even bother to notify? Because we all deserve a life that sparks Joy.”

 – Ms. Renelyn Tan, Decluttering Like A Guru (KonMari Consultant-in-Training)

The 2 skills you need for KonMari:

1)The ability to keep what sparks joy and discard the rest.
2)The ability to decide where to keep each thing and put it back in place.

Marie Kondo’s 6 Basic Rules of Tidying:

1)Commit yourself to tidying up.
2)Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
3)Finish discarding the first.
4)Tidy by category, not by location.
5)Follow the right order.
6)Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Make the Switch

– Phoebe Blas (Minimalist advocate and founder of Mean Living PH)

She talked about making a switch to a cluttered-free lifestyle by owning a fewer things at home or for personal use and being happy.

Questions you may answer before buying things:

~Do you really need it?
~Will you use it more than once a week?
~Can it serve more than one purpose?

Clear it all out

“Plan your life out of love… I am worthy of all the good things in life.”

– Miqo Dionisio (Sound Healer and Owner of I am Healing Space)

Always ask yourself “Is this thought beneficial to my goal?” Taking care of our inner soul is one of the key to a cluttered-free lifestyle.

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