Benefits Of Early Learning Programs For Your Child

When should my child start conventional learning? There would come a time for parents to be confronted with this question. While they realise that their children will ultimately benefit from getting an early head start, the question remains: are they too young for school?

In Australia, kids as young as three years may already be admitted to a preschool program, depending on the state. Typically, however, preschools are designed for kids who are already four years old before starting the school year.

But you can get your precious babies a running start by enrolling them at a kids early learning centre even before they turn one.

Sounds ridiculous?

Not at all.

The Shichida Method

The Shichida method was founded by Makoto Shichida back in 1958. The concept is that children learn and soak in knowledge at their own pace. So, the methods of learning should be tailored to their needs and capabilities.

The learning method is both supplementary and complementary to the traditional education system in Australia. Children learn well-rounded skills that they could use outside the four corners of the classroom.

More than the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic), the Shichida program develops other skills that are associated with the right side of the brain. In some children, the right-brain tends to be more active and helps them be more creative, intuitive, sensitive, artistic, and imaginative.

Children learn to think for themselves and not just parrot the words they find in textbooks. They tend to visualise the big picture, so they do not get too lost in the details. They are innovative in the sense that they are likely to think outside the box when tackling complex problems.

Is Your Child Too Young for the Program?

It may surprise you that the Shichida program accepts babies as young as six months old. You may think it is too young for your baby to be enrolled in a kids early learning centre.

But there is a reason for this.

The 0-3 stage is classified as the Sensitive Period. During this stage in your child’s development, about 70% of their brain is formed. The brain develops exponentially, and it is easy to fill it with junk when you expose them to YouTube and gadgets without proper guidance.

During the first three years of their lives, what they learn would be instrumental in how they view the world, and how they form their distinct personalities. They absorb knowledge at a pace that would never be replicated throughout their lives.

As you can see, your role as parents is vital during the Sensitive Period.

And it is also the reason why you need to provide them with a light post at this crucial moment.

Six months is the ideal age because their eyes are already developed enough to observe the lessons and activities in the kids early learning centre.

But the Shichida program encourages parents to participate in the activities dynamically, not only to form a bond with their kids but also to understand the vision. You will further strengthen your connection with your child because most of the activities are tactile. Parents and their kids would have plenty of opportunities to hug, kiss, tickle, touch, and even give other light massages. The activities are designed for kids to have fun and learn at the same time.

Finally, unlike traditional schools, parents will be there at each stage. There is nothing like watching your child soak in knowledge before your eyes. 


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