Best Places To Eat During A Trip To Whistler

Getting ready to escape the summer heat this summer? Well then, Whistler is the place to be.  Whistler is located in British, Columbia, Canada and is known as a wonderful skiing and winter sports destination.  There are so many things to do and enjoy at Whistler. Get ready with your adrenaline rush to your Whistler vacation and discover the beauty of British Columbia.

Choose your type of adventure, be it skiing in the in the snowy white wonder mountains of in the Pacific Northwest or fly over the glaciers, take a backcountry tour, go white-water rafting, hit the slopes, and float along the Green River.  There are so many things to do.   Whistler is known for its fantastic skiing and winter sports, but for travelers that don’t want to hit the slopes, there’s still lots to see. On some sightseeing tour, experience incredible scenery. Visit Green Lake Lookout, Rainbow Park, and consider an optional stop at Whistler Brewing Company. This suggested itinerary tour will just be perfect for first time visitors.

To take your sightseeing tours, select the ideal experience fitted for your taste. Creating a more sustainable type of tour, one may try visiting the Blackcomb Mountain of Whistler where one may spot a  local Canadian wildlife while learning about mountain ecology. Enjoy an adventurous way while doing the Zipline adventure in Whistler. On top, tourists will enjoy two routes and zipline lengths where one can experience the Whistler wilderness  with a fantastic aerial views. Whistler simply provide access to nature’s  endless scenery. 

On the other hand, while looking for some culinary delights at Whistler, then heed to these several dinner locations. Enjoy a beer of two in various cafes, restaurant bars, brew-houses, and restaurants.  If you are new to Whistler, one may try visiting  Arexi Restaurant and Oyster Bar. If you want to try something authentic Italian, one may visit the Avalanche Pizza casual restaurant where pizza are made fresh daily with organic dough. Another worth mentioning is the is 21 steps and Kitchen Bar where it is committed to great modern comfort food with big serving portions.  Another worth mentioning  is the All season Grisler Bar where it offers internationally inspired menu from Middle Eastern, European and South American flavours where cuisines surely meet the guest’s expectations while providing great value. These restaurants and dining venues provide diverse dining scenes while offering posh cocktails, premium wines, and a wide range of cuisines  from international flavors.  There’s a wide array of foods and drinks for everyone even for those who have discerning food taste.

Whistler is a destination with snow-capped mountains and glaciers, mountains with green sceneries and challenging hiking trails.  Visitors can try hiking and biking up the mountains while still offers varied activities for every season. While Whistler is known to be a top ski destination, there are also many things to explore for the family.  Downtown Whistler also offers a certain number of museums and art galleries, shopping venues and the adventures doesn’t stop.  So what are you waiting for, grab your bag and head to Whistler to escape the summer heat. If you want stay there for a long time, you can check real estate for sale in Whistler so you have a place to stay. Whistler is about 13 hours away from Manila. Enjoy Nature, Enjoy Summer, Enjoy Whistler.



  1. marichugalos
    May 16, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Grabe ang ganda nang place ?

  2. Antoniette Sanchez David
    May 17, 2021 at 5:31 am

    Super ganda dito dahil malamig at talaga namang nag yeyelo ang lugar na ito

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