Budgeting Tips For Buying And Giving Christmas Gifts

I’ve been saying this again and again, but there’s something about Christmas that really excites me. Aside from it being my favorite holiday of the year, there’s something about the weather cooling off, twinkling Christmas lights, the Misa de Gallo (dawn mass), and the Christmas song playing everywhere. Everything feels a little lighter, brighter, and, of course, merrier. It is also the perfect time for family and friends to get together and reunite.

Christmas is also a great reason for me to shop because I give gifts to my friends and family (except during their birthdays). Don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts to other people; that’s my love language. But you know, there are times you will be on a tight budget, but you still want to give even a simple gift. And yes, that’s me! Because I always believed in the saying that it’s the thought that counts.

So, if you are on a tight budget like me but still want to give simple gifts to your friends and family, let me share with you some budgeting tips for buying and giving gifts this Christmas season.

  • Plan your budget

The first step is the hardest one. Why? Because for me, budgeting is kind of hard, especially during the holidays. Some people will use holidays as an excuse to spend more, but that’s wrong. Even if you are spending money for the holidays, make sure you are still saving money.I hope we all know the reasons why we need to save money.

  • Make a list

Make a list of the people to whom you will be giving gifts. You don’t need to give to all of the people you know, especially if you are on a budget. A simple greeting and call from you will mean a lot to them.

  • Start shopping as early as you can

When the “BER” months started, I also started checking and buying gifts for my friends and family because I didn’t want to be in a rush. The earlier you begin your holiday shopping, the more likely you are to stay on budget.

  • Go for sales and discounts

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts? That is the reason why I shop early, especially if there are sales and discounts. I think, there is nothing wrong it it. I’m just being practical because, as much as I want to give expensive gifts, I have saving goals.

  • DIY Gift / Homemade Gifts

If you have a hidden talent for making handmade items or baking cookies and cupcakes, it is also a perfect gift for your friends and family. DIY or homemade gifts are not that expensive, and at the same time, they are a great way to bonding if you have a child.

Remember that gifts don’t have to be expensive. A simple gift can convey the message that you remember and care about them.