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Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps: Naturally Local, Naturally Filipino


 In our busy generation, there will be a time that we will be stressed from our work and in our personal lives.  And once in a while we just want to pamper ourselves. Some of us will enjoy having a spa massage or going to their favorite salon.  Those pampering is fine but not all of us can afford that. Admit it or not, it is also pricey. You’re going to pay for the service, your fare going to that place and some of us also give tip to the staff.  But don’t worry, if you’re out of budget, you can still pamper yourself and the best thing is you can pamper yourself at home! Let me share to you how.

I was one of the lucky bloggers to try Castile Soap from Casa De Lorenzo.  First of all, Castile is not a brand, it is a type of soap. Yes, it is right! This is also the first time I heard about it. It is also mean that it is made from pure plants oil and considered as true soap.

Here is a brief overview about Casa De Lorenzo:

Casa de Lorenzo is the Spanish translation of “House of the Lorenzos.” Originally, our products were enjoyed exclusively by the family, relatives and friends. Now, we share the luxuries and benefits of our natural products to everyone.

Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps, Oils and Aromatics provides premium Natural Liquid Soaps, Carrier Oils and Essential Oils in the Philippines. Discover the wonderful benefits of going natural and indulge your senses with the real thing from nature, by nature.

Here are the castile soap I received: 

Coffee Dark Castile Soap

A special Castile Soap blend infused with local ground coffee beans.


Water, Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Akali (none remains after saponication), and Ground Coffee Beans.

Indulge with the best of nature’s produce indigent to the Philippines. Casa de Lorenzo’s Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap is made of Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Palm Oil, scented with Essential Oil of Lemongrass from the lush farmlands of Negros. Made by hand in a traditional way of making soaps, enjoy organic pampering nature’s finest ingredients every time you take a bath.

Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap
Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap


Water, Rice Brain Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Akali (none remains after saponication), and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Coffee Castile Soap is their newest product. Mornings will be definitely be different. Your coffee will not be just in your cup, but also in your bath. Casa de Lorenzo’s Coffee Dark Castile Soap is uniquely delightful to the senses. Lose yourself in rich coffee goodness with every use and exfoliate your skin with the bean’s natural scrubs. Made by hand from nature’s finest ingredients, and infused with real Barako Coffee, everything about his bottle of soap is down-to-earth organic.

My Review:

As for review, I received Manila Lemongrass Castile Soap and Dark Coffee Castile Soap. The packaging is sturdy, clean and really simple.  Each 250 ml bottle cost 350 pesos. Affordable right? I am very much satisfied with scent of the soap especially the Dark Coffee Castile Soap, I want to drink it! Hahaha.

Upon using the soap for a week, I can say that the soap can really removed dirt from my body.  I felt cleaned after shower.  It also leaves my skin smooth and does not dry my skin. Since these soap are water-like consistency, I suggest to use it with a loofah so you won’t waste too much of it and your 250ml bottle can last longer. Overall, I have been enjoining these two soaps! I recommend these soap to everyone who loves going natural and those who have sensitive skin. Be surprised how Natural Products can be so good.

Casa de Lorenzo Oils, Aromatics and Soaps

Mobile #: 0939-9192916



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