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Cebu Lechon Is Now In Metro Manila – Porky Pit

Lechon  is the famous Filipino main dish for special gathering like holidays, fiesta, birthday or even reunion. There are some stores that sells lechon but where can you find a lechon that is special and taste like Cebu Lechon? Worry no more because Cebu Lechon is now in metro manila.

Porky Pit is a new Brand of Diancia Trading Inc, that engage a business using a best part of lechon. “Lechon Belly” in a theme of “Cebu Lechon on the Go” a Lechon in a Shawarma? So Filipino would not just eat Lechon whenever there is gathering but it is now on the go. They offer convenient meals to go and a unique taste of products offers customer an easy way to get Lunch, Merienda & Dinner on your hand or with your friends.

3 kinds of lechons you’ll find in Porky Pit:

Lechon belly 
Price: Php 500 / 1 kilo || Php 330 / half kilo || All meat / Php 85

Great for group of People. Porky Pit Lechon Belly with the same ingredient traditional Cebu Lechon; That is a roasted belly slowly cooked over oven heat in correct temperature to retain the crispiness of the skin. Aside of stuffing the pork with spices and herbs, they also marinate it with the basic ingredients of Lechon Cebu before roasting.

Lechon rice
Price: Php 99
For People who likes to dine & eat on the go, It would be served with choice of Salsa (House Sauce Mayo, Lechon Salso, or Lechon vinegar) and one RICE.
Lechonarma (with veggies) 
Price: 75
 Lechon Belly (all meat)
Price: 85

60% Lechon & 40% Veggies, this is for people who like lechon with a side of healthiness. This dish makes you enjoy a balanced mix of veggies and all meat Lechon. Their Lechonarma wrap in pita bread with cucumber, white onion, tomatoes, garlic and Porky Pit Lechon; You can choose your own sauce between Roasted Sesame or Garlic sauce or additional cheese.In just 10 minutes, you can have enough for the family or for an entire week’s worth of packed lunch.

Where to find Porky Bits:

They will soon open at SM San Mateo and SM Novaliches and there is a World Food Bazaar Festival going on til December 22nd at World Trade Center, I suggest you visit their booth.

 Why choose Porky Bits:

 Their lechons has no preservatives added. Purely raw ingredients and home-made recipe, follow proper sanitation in preparing and well trained cook. Fresh and new pork belly cut with accredited BFAD supplier.

For more information:

You may contact them at 656-11-61 or visit their social media pages.



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