Celebrate The Bond Between Mom And Baby This Mother’s Day

Mothers are known for going above and beyond to make sure their little ones are cared for, healthy, and surrounded by love. Despite the challenging and demanding nature of being a mom, they still put in a tremendous effort to provide the best possible care for their children.

From soothing a crying baby to staying up all night to tend to their needs, moms are always there with open arms and unconditional love, ensuring that their children grow up happy and thriving.

Love mom with every touch

Babies may not be able to express their love in words yet, but they have their unique love language – touch. Every time a mother interacts with her child, every cuddle, every gentle touch communicates a profound sense of warmth, tenderness, and love. As a mom, feeling your baby’s touch can be one of the most heartwarming experiences, a reminder of the unconditional love between a mother and her child.

To celebrate moms, especially those experiencing motherhood for the first time, Johnson’s Baby launches its Mother’s Day celebration this May through the #LoveMomWithEveryTouch campaign. In partnership with Johnson’s Baby’s celebrity influencers and loyal ambassadors, they will share stories of how touch is a powerful tool to express a baby’s love and care for their mothers. Moreover, the brand will be holding a special at Watson’s Uptown Mall BGC from May 12-14, which will feature the Touch Portrait series– this heartfelt tribute celebrates the dedication and love that moms have for their little ones, offering them the opportunity to create lasting memories by having their photos taken with their babies as a unique Mother’s Day gift. Moms can also take advantage of special promotions exclusively for them in Watsons, Robinsons, and e-commerce, as select Johnson’s Baby and Aveeno Baby products will be available at up to 25% off from May 8 to 15.

Celebrating baby’s milestones with moms

One of the most memorable times for a mom is when her baby reaches milestones. Whether it’s their first steps or their first time at the beach, these moments are precious and can only be experienced once. Aveeno Baby understands how important it is for moms to enjoy these moments without any worries. That’s why they offer a range of products that provide rapid relief and care, ensuring that moms can witness their little one’s growth and development milestones without any discomfort caused by sensitive skin. With Aveeno Baby, moms can focus on creating beautiful memories with their babies, feeling confident, and reassured that their babies are comfortable and protected.

With ingredients like Colloidal Oat, Aveeno Baby is able to soothe and strengthen baby’s sensitive skin from first use, allowing moms and their babies to fully enjoy and cherish different milestones and firsts together.

Johnson’s Baby and Aveeno Baby offer moms a variety of products that ensure they can lovingly care for their children and treasure every moment of their motherhood journey. With these trusted brands, moms can confidently spend quality time with their babies, free from worries, and create a lifetime of love and joy.

For more information, visit https://www.aveeno.com.ph/products/baby-care and https://www.johnsonsbaby.com.ph/.