Chinabank Welcomes The Year Of The Dragon WithMichelle Dee As Brand Ambassador

Chinabank has signed up its first ever brand ambassador, the reigning Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Marquez Dee. The collaboration was formalized on February 14, 2024 at the Chinabank head office in Makati City.

The beauty queen, actress, host, athlete, and model is a fitting and inspiring representative for Chinabank. Michelle, who has won the hearts and minds of Filipinos and the world with her charisma, authenticity, and sense of purpose, is redefining contemporary Filipino culture on a global stage.  Her lifelong autism acceptance and inclusivity advocacy has led her to a degree in BS Psychology and to use her platform and her work with the Autism Society of the Philippines to create awareness about the condition. With Michelle on board, Chinabank is strengthening its brand presence and building a profound connection with the new generation of dynamic and forward-thinking banking customers.

This engagement with Michelle Dee signifies the beginning of many things to come. For us, Michelle is family. But beyond her obvious lineage to the bank’s co-founders, we firmly believe that Michelle has the qualities to aptly represent a bank with a storied history and an unwavering commitment to building an inclusive and sustainable future for every Filipino, Chinabank President & CEO Romeo D. Uyan Jr. said during the contract signing.

Michelle expressed her happiness and excitement for her new role, noting that she and Chinabank are a good fit as they share the same high regard for building trust, making an impact, and bringing about change.

Chinabank isnt just any bank, its been a beacon of trust and resilience for over a century. Now thats a lot of years of making a difference in peoples lives and making dreams come true, but its also the spirit of making a difference that really resonates with every Filipino heart, she said. I would like to keep it real. Im here to share my stories and the incredible work Chinabank does汕 I cant wait to make memories and make such ground breaking opportunities for everyone around us as well.

Chinabank founder Dee C. Chuan was Michelle Dees paternal grand-uncle.  Her grandfather was former Chinabank Chairman Dee K. Chiong whose leadership shaped the bank into prominence.  He also led the banks early foray into computer technology, becoming the first bank in Southeast Asia to process deposit accounts online.

Chinabank is the fourth largest private universal bank in the Philippines. The bank is set to launch an advertising campaign featuring Michelle as it continues to innovate and improve its products and services with a keen focus on its customers.