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ChocoVron: Polvoron Like No Other

Happiness is when you received a box full of Chocovron with different flavors. I received the package last week and I am quite surprise because I am not expecting that they will send a lot of Chocovron. Honestly speaking, I am craving for it since last month but I’m having a hard time to look for a seller of Chocovron. That is why I’m very thankful to the company of Chocovron for sending me these! Have a blessed Merry Christmas! 

What is ChocoVron?

ChocoVron is reinvented polvoron that is coated with either dark bittersweet chocolate, creamy white  chocolate, or both. It is made from a perfect blend of toasted flour, milk, butter, sugar and other specially selected ingredients or flavors (No Preservatives) giving ChocoVron its distinct flavor and texture, then compressed to form solid little cakes.

Chocolate Coated Polvoron Sticks:

I haven’t tried these Chocolate Coated Polvoron Sticks before that is why we are excited to taste it. My daughter’s favorite is the Strawberry flavor, mine is the ube flavor.


This was also my first time to encounter this NutriVron. I like the Mango and Pineapple Bits.


This was also my first time to encounter this VeggieVron.


Arrrgh! My favorite especially the Cookies and Cream. <3

Manila Polvoron:

These one are also new to me but I already tasted the Cookies and Cream flavor and I liked it.

What I Like:

  • Many flavors you can choose from
  • Different kinds/types of Polvron
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Affordable
  • Taste really good
  • Can bring anywhere
  • Nutritional

What I don’t like:

  • None

So, if you are looking for a gift this holiday season, why not give them some goodies like Chocovron that even those meticulous kids would enjoy and like? ChocoVron is packed, sealed and has nutrition information in every single serving package which is really good for gift giving.

ChocoVron is Manufactured by ChocoVron Global Corporation San Pedro Laguna 4023 Philippines. For more information, you may visit their website at Follow them on Instagram @chocovronph.

With Love;


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