Choosing The Right Men’s Underwear Based On Body Type

Underwear is the first thing to wear every day, but that last thing you consider researching. Knowing more about the right underwear to slip in is as important as knowing more about your outer clothing. After all, wearing the right men’s underwear can help you feel better through the day and can make you look better in your clothes.

One of the essential things you need to remember when shopping for underwear is being honest with yourself. It is the clothing that sits directly to your skin, so if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s time to wear something else.

Also, you have to check the signs, saying that you are wearing the wrong size. If it is hurting your thighs, you are wearing a too-small size for you. On the other hand, your underwear will slip every time you bend, then your underwear is too big, or the band has worn out.

Below are some quick tips in choosing the underwear that will feel and look perfectly based on your body type.


Briefs are best for men with bulkier thighs. Modern briefs are sleeker compared to old-fashioned stereotype briefs. This is one reason why some athletes who are doing a lot of legwork are signed to endorse it – it looks best when worn by guys with larger thighs. 

If you have this type of thighs and wearing trunks, you’ll notice that it rolls over your legs, letting a line of bulge show through your tight trousers. Moreover, briefs look good if you are not blessed with a good height. The brief can expose more legs, making them look longer that makes you look taller.

Briefs boast good support, which is best if you are a cardio enthusiast. For the everyday dressing, it is recommended to use briefs that are made from 100% cotton. However, for workouts, opt for one made from a technical fabric that wicks away the sweat from your skin.


Boxers offer maximum breathability. If you don’t usually wear slim jeans or suit trousers, boxers have the best breathability and less revealing than other underwear types. However, it doesn’t offer good support.

Modern boxer shorts are shorter and have slimmer-cut options with stretchable band waist compared to traditional designs with bunched, elasticated waist and baggy cut. The boxers’ new designs are perfect for men with smaller thighs.

If your thighs tend to touch as you walk and wear trousers over the boxers, it could get sweaty and sore is possible to follow. On the other hand, the comfort it provides makes it the best choice as sleepwear.


Boxer-briefs are best for tall men with bulkier butts. This underwear type has the shape of regular boxer shorts and made from fitted jersey material. It has become men’s favourite since the slimmer silhouettes in men’s underwear have become famous over the past decades. Moreover, boxer-briefs offer almost the same support as a brief and less revealing look like the boxers.

These are some of the things that you need to remember when shopping for underwear. Always keep your body type in mind when choosing one, allowing you to have the best fit and look when wearing it inside your clothes. Moreover, make sure that the size is just enough to hurt your skin and keep it from sliding when you move around.



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