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Cleaning Up My Slate

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year. Every time September comes around, the last few months of the year always feels like a whirlwind. And it brings me to my sentimental mode, when I take stock of the past year, the good and bad times I had, the lessons I learned, the memories I made with friends and family.

Toward the end of every year, I make sure to tie loose ends. This means settling unresolved issues with friends I had misunderstandings with, attaining my end-of-year savings goal, and of course, paying off debt, whether in my credit card or personal loans.

It has just become a personal tradition. I am a big believer in starting my slate clean come January 1st of every year. One awesome thing this year is that completing this task just got easier. I discovered GCash and I’ve been enjoying its awesome features, such as its convenient bills payment platform and real-time money transfers. Imagine that, I can make bank transfers on the app to all major banks without ever leaving my office (or my bed on weekends)! GCash has a Send Money to Bank Account option on its fund transfer feature that is linked to more than 40 banks and other financial institutions.

With the feature, I found a new way to pay off my debt without having to battle holiday traffic, which is super stressful! I also do not have to fall in line and pay bank transfer charges.

All I have to do is to cash in, which I can do at 7-Eleven counters or by linking my own bank account. I then just have to tap the Send Money to Bank Account option, enter the bank account, amount to transfer and then send. Sending is real-time too so the recipient instantly gets it.

It’s easy, fast, reliable and secure. For me, there’s just no better way to make bank transfers these days than through GCash. Truly, the mobile wallet app is one of technology’s greatest gifts.


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