Cute But Dangerous: Can You Handle A Squirrel Invasion?

Many people find squirrels to be cute, but those animals do significant damage to a home if they make their way indoors. Experts consider squirrels to be pests because they love to chew. They don’t distinguish between items that are safe to chew and those that should be avoided.

Fortunately, if they do make their way into the home, the homeowner can call for help. If you have a squirrel problem in your residence, make this call immediately. However, homeowners must also know what is attracting the pests.

Things Squirrels Love

First, homeowners must understand what it is about their property that attracts these critters. Squirrels love big trees, as the trees provide them with ample shelter. Any tree in the yard is likely home to multiple squirrels. Without removing these landscape features, the invasion of the rodents will probably continue.

Furthermore, homeowners often install bird feeders in these trees, so the squirrels have a food source they don’t need to search for. Gardens serve as another food source for rodents. Any crops and fruit on the property provide them with food they can gather and store for the winter months.

Squirrels find few predators in suburban and urban areas. This allows them to easily adapt to the environment while providing them with food and shelter. It’s no wonder they make their way into homes. They are simply looking for an upgrade on their current conditions. When squirrels do so, however, they may damage the residence. What type of damage might a homeowner find if squirrels do invade their residence?

Damage from Squirrels

Squirrels often damage the wiring and insulation in a home. Nevertheless, this is only one way they harm a property. They may also strip the bark on trees or decimate a garden in their search for food. The following signs suggest you may have one or more squirrels as a roommate.

Damage to Electrical Lines

Squirrels build large nests in the nodes or junctures of tree branches. If they can’t find the right spot to create this nest in a branch, they might move into a hole in the tree trunk. As they venture out to explore the environment, they often use electrical wires to move from place to place. If they put too much weight on one of these wires, it could sustain damage.

While this isn’t a common issue, thanks to the placement of most power lines today, it remains a possibility homeowners must be aware of. When the squirrels have babies, the babies might chew on the wire’s covering. This can expose the wiring and lead to the need for costly repairs.

Rooftop Wiring

Squirrels see the roof of a home as a giant playground. The height of the roof and easy access ensure they can move from place to place without delay. Furthermore, the roof allows them to move between trees and eliminates the need to watch for humans or dogs that might harm them. They don’t hide their food on roofs but do use the open space to warn enemies who might try to invade their homes.

As the squirrels move around on the roof, they may encounter electric or cable service wires. During their activities, they often knock the wires loose and may even pull them away from the home. This inconveniences the homeowner and can become a major problem, such as when electrical wires come away from the home when it is freezing outside. The residence may not have heat when it is most needed.

Downed Power Lines

In addition to damaging power lines, squirrels may detach them completely. While squirrels don’t usually use these lines to move from location to location they will if they are traveling between yards. This action loosens the fasteners responsible for holding the lines in place. Once the fasteners become loose, the wires sag and may detach from the pole. This leads to live electric wires in a person’s yard, which nobody wants.


Squirrels love wide open spaces like the roof of a home. They love the attic inside the home for the same reason and may try to access it through any hole in the residence. In many cases, they chew on the exterior of the home until they create a hole large enough to allow them to enter the attic and check it out.

If they chew through a wire when creating this hole, the expense of fixing the damage increases significantly. An electrician will likely need to remove a portion of the wall to fix the damage, which creates another hole for the homeowner to deal with. Furthermore, the homeowner must pay to have the deceased squirrel removed from the wall, as chewing on the wire led to the rodent being electrocuted. The damaged wires cannot be ignored, as leaving them in poor condition can bring about a house fire.


Squirrels also love attics when they need somewhere to nest. The fiberglass insulation serves as the perfect nesting material, and they have plenty of places to hide food and rest without worrying about predators. Regardless of why the squirrel entered the attic of a home, their presence remains of concern for health and hygiene reasons.

High Energy Bills

When a squirrel chews a wall in a residence to access the attic, higher energy bills become an issue. The hole allows outdoor air to make its way into the residence, leading the homeowner to adjust the heating and cooling system to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.


Holes in the yard may not appear to be a big issue at first. Countless animals love to dig in the dirt and make a home underground or store their food for the winter months. Many squirrels dig holes throughout the fall to store their food supply. Not only are these holes unattractive, but they can be harmful to the occupants of the home and visitors to the property.

Imagine walking across the yard only to encounter one of these holes. Most people don’t know of the danger until they step in the hole and sprain an ankle or worse. By addressing the squirrel problem on your property, it’s easy to avoid this type of situation.

If you have one or more squirrels on your property, take action quickly. Homeowners who do so find they spend less time and money making repairs and more time enjoying life. Contact a pest removal team today so you can stop worrying about the critters sharing your home and property and start focusing on other important things, such as spending time with the family.



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    January 8, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    Para palang silang anay po ang cute pero mapanira ingat po ang mga taga ibang bansa po .

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