SANT矇 International continues to advocate the transformative power of all things natural in improving the lives of countless people as it opens the first quarter of 2022 introducing Dimples Romana as the newest endorser of its Retail and Wholesale divisions flagship brand, Sant矇Barley Max.

As the world around us becomes more and more modernized, everything around us becomes more and more artificial, most especially in the food and beverage industry. Now we have brands of fast foods, instant coffee, instant noodles, and junk foods mushrooming one after the other. When consumed regularly, these products will eventually damage our health and cut our lifespans shorter. So now its time to tap on the power of natural it’s time to counter the effects of the artificial with the all-natural Sant矇 Barley Max to protect our health, improve the quality of our life for us and for our families.

An all-natural, nutritional powerhouse, and worry-free superfood supplement that is trusted by millions of families and individuals, Sant矇 Barley Max is barley grass harvested at a young age and produced in powder and capsule forms. It uses barley grass powder that is certified organic by BioGro  New Zealands largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products that promote the highest levels of organic quality. Being rich in vitamins and minerals for the daily diet needed by the human body, Sant矇 Barley Max helps middle-aged, health-conscious individuals enjoy a good quality of life. It helps in enhancing the immune system and provides protection from illnesses and diseases. Sant矇 Barley Max also contains stevia, which is a natural plant-based sweetener, low in calories and does not raise blood sugar levels.

Like all Pinoy moms, Dimples Romana juggles her time as an actress and as a mother while ensuring the safety of her family in these trying times due to the pandemic. 

An awarding-winning and internationally acclaimed dramatic actress who has starred in a steady string of blockbuster films and top-rating TV series such as One More ChanceThe Mall, The MerrierBlock ZBagani, and Kadenang Ginto as well as her current primetime hit Viral Scandal, Dimples is also a mother of two kids whom she considers as her top priorities despite her hectic schedule as one of todays most in-demand and bankable dramatic actresses in the industry. 

I am so grateful for being able to work and have endorsement deals because these are really very uncertain times, says Dimples. I believe that everything could be balanced with the right blend of time management. Work is essential but my family is the most important in my life. We need to stay healthy and active not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This is the reason why I am so ecstatic now that I am officially a part of the Sant矇Barley Maxfamily because the brand is really effective in strengthening the immune system and providing the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need every day. One sachet per day or a single capsule before a meal of Sant矇Barley Max really makes a world of difference.

Sant矇 International, on the other hand, is equally thrilled to have Dimples on board as the brand promotes the healing power of nature this 2022.

We know that Dimples Romana is the perfect artist to represent Sant矇Barley Max because her values and personality align well with the brand, says Sant矇 International CEO Joey Marcelo. Looking at her, you know that she is someone who lives to serve. Shes also very nurturing not only to her family but also to her colleagues, friends, and followers. We also see her as a catalyst who could influence people to change for the better; and people admire her because of her genuine love, care, and sincerity. And that, exactly, is what Sant矇 Barley Maxis all about.

Dimples reveals that throughSant矇 Barley Max, she has discovered the amazing health benefits that nature could do for a persons body, soul, and mind.

Nature has the ability to do wonders for ones health and overall wellbeing. So, bring more nature into your home, says Dimples. We can now connect to the power of nature with Sant矇 Barley Max which we should take every day for that added protection and vitality that we need.

Sant矇 Barley Max is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide as well as on @SanteOfficial Shopee and Lazada.  

For more information and exciting updates on Sant矇 Barley Max and Dimples Romana, like Barley Max Official on Facebook, follow @santebarleymax on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to Barley Max on YouTube. 

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  1. I would love to try this Sant矇 Barley Max. Amazing product! All natural, so healthy. It’s so perfect protect our body. Health is wealth. We really need this. Thanks for sharing Ms. Lhyzie, will definitely check this out! 歹

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