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Disney Princess Create Your Story Event At Sm North Edsa

Like many 5 year olds, my daughter is all about princesses. She watches endless Disney princess movies, wears princess dresses and tiaras most of the time. One of her favorite Disney princess is Ariel.

Brave, beautiful, and never backs down, not even in the face of grave danger or the fear of becoming one of those shriveled up soul things Ursula keeps in her creepy ass cave. Ariel is flawless.

Yesterday, me and my daughter Chloe went to Sm North The Block for Disney Princess Create Your Story Event. An event where we had a chance to meet her favorite mermaid, Ariel. She was really excited for this meet and greet and asked where does Ariel came from. I told her from DISNEYland. Haha. A lot of princesses came yesterday and some of them are wearing Ariel’s costume. They are so cute!

It will surely be a fab weekend when you join at the Disney Princess Create Your Story Event! Visit SM North Edsa The Block Atrium from May 17 to May 19 to meet and greet your favorite mermaid princess!

Make sure to check out all the amazing toys they have in-store for royalties like you at Toy Kingdom and at the toys section inside The SM Store!



  1. Jonna Cielo
    May 18, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    Ganda nman ng event natoh! Isa si ariel sa favorite disney princess ko..

  2. Sandy Ronquillo
    June 8, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    Sayang hindi ko naabutan. My baby doesn’t watch TV yet but I’m excited to introduce Disney movies and princesses to her.

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