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Dr. Morita Sheet Mask, Your Skin’s New BFF

We’ve all the heard the popular sentiment: Love your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and although it regenerates roughly every 27 days, learning to take care of your skin is a habit that will serve you for a lifetime. So, don’t skimp on the TLC. But as much as we’re all committed to pampering ourselves, drinking water and following a strict beauty regimen, the road to healthy and flawless skin is a long one — a routine that, for most of us, is shaped by trial and error.

If you want to have a beautiful skin then having a skin care regimen is super important. Skin care regimen includes facial wash, toner, moisturizer, serum, eye cream, sunscreen, face mask and many more. Face masks are one of my favorite skin care products. Why? Because they’re easy to apply, fun to use and are great at delivering results. My favorite thing about applying a good face mask is the feeling of tightened and toned skin after a single use. It also help your skin stay hydrated, removes excess oil and focus on improving your pore appearance.

One of my favorite face mask is Dr. Morita Sheet Mask. It is one of the best-selling sheet masks in Asia and it was established in Taiwan way back in 1934. They are also known for making affordable yet quality skin care products. Dr. Morita has been recognized many time over.

Dr. Morita sheet mask has six variants of sheet mask you can enjoy:

Dr. Morita Intense Hydrating Serum Facial Mask

  • It sustains long-lasting skin moisturization afforded by Japanese Hyaluronic Acid. Hydration is delivered efficiently to the different layers of the skin. This makes sure even dry skin types get the moisture it needs for a longer time. It also contains skin-caring Niacinamide, Allantoin, Squalane, and Ceramides.

Dr. Morita Triple Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask

  • It delivers long lasting hydration to all layers of the skin. It’s also a great anti-aging and brightening treat for your skin. Amongs its 11 Amino Acids are Arginine, which brighten skins by repairing visible skin damage, and Glycine and Proline which help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Morita Whitening And Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask

  • It whiten your skin without drying it out. Hydrating Japanese Hyaluronic Acid combines with Mandelic Acid imported from Germany. Mandelic Acid is one of the gentler Aplha Hydroxy Acids around, making it a great option for easily sensitized skin. This also contains various plant, flower, and root extracts to soothe, hydrate, and brighten skin.

Dr. Morita Platinum Colloid And Hematite Extraction Whitening Black Facial Mask

  • This mask is known for deep hydration, toning, regenerating, and strengthening. It also helps your skin fight aging.

Dr. Morita Platinum Colloid And Black Pearl Extraction Moisturizing And Whitening Black Facial Mask

  • It prevents skin from premature aging. It also promotes cell renewal and enhance skin elasticity.

Looking at the benefits of using a face mask, it will not be wrong to say that it is well worth the time and effort to include it to your weekly, beauty skin care routine. To know more about Dr. Morita sheet mask, like and follow them on Facebook at @Dr. Jou Philippines and follow them on Instagram at @drmoritaph.



  1. divine labbuanan-cabral
    October 9, 2018 at 10:28 am

    must try!!!! baka dito mag glow ang skin ko po???

  2. Maria Catherine Matugas
    October 11, 2018 at 10:36 am

    I will try this soon sana lang di sya pricey hehe mukhang maganda talaga sya sa skin ..

  3. Cielo Jonna
    October 12, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Like to try ?

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