Easy Peasy Coloring Stick In Pink Tiles Review

We live in a fast-paced world where time is widely considered a luxury, beauty brands have rolled out multi-use products that will make getting ready much easier.  These days in beauty, it’s all about serving gorgeous looks while using as less products as possible.

I hate bringing big bag when attending blogger or media events. I usually bring make up with me because sometimes I attend more than one event in a day. That is why I switched to multi-purpose make up product so I don’t need to bring a lot of make up with me every time I will go out.  I’ve tried a lot of multi-purpose blush stick before and recently I tried Easy Peasy Coloring Stick in Pink Tiles that I got from Charis Shop.

Easy Peasy is a multi-purpose blush stick. A pop of color everywhere you want it! With coloring stick, it is so easy to add color  and get a healthier complexion. Easy Peasy is an indie cosmetic brand recently launched by Amore Pacific. The brand name meaning ‘very easy’ is literately the key concept of the brand. Their stick-shaped products make makeups easy yet perfect.

How to use: 

  • Apply on the cheeks, lips, and eyes.
  • Use the warmth of your finger to blend colors naturally.

This blush goes on smooth and blends out very nicely with just my fingertip. It’s lightweight, a nice light pink color but doesn’t look caked on when applied. Last me all day unless I’m constantly touching my face. It has no shine to it so it never looks greasy or like you’re wearing make up. Absolutely love this product.


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