We all love a classic roasted chicken. But once in a while, don’t we just look for an egg-citing twist and flavors to our favorite roasted chicken?

Taste the egg-ceptional newest offering of Kenny Rogers Roasters: Salted Egg Roast, Unfried Fried Chicken, & Unfried Fried Chicken Bun — your all-time favorite Kenny’s dishes, which are elevated with special salted egg flavors to make everyone egg-static with every bite!

Available at all Kenny Rogers Roasters stores nationwide starting April 25, customers can enjoy the rich taste of Salted Egg Roast, which is marinated in special herbs and spices, and garnished with the deliciously addicting salted egg powder and salted egg sauce.

Looking for a healthier option? Kenny Rogers Roasters has you covered! The new offering also comes in Salted Egg Unfried Fried Chicken, which is cooked through an oven with circulating hot air and is not deep fried! The result: crispy skin, juicier meat and no excess oil used in the cooking process as it used the chicken’s natural oil. Making it taste even better is the generous coating of Salted Egg powder served with Salted Egg sauce!

Have it as a filling snack with the Salted Egg Unfried Fried Chicken Bun: chicken fillet packed with tomato, lettuce, and onion. Fillet is tossed with salted egg powder and salted egg sauce, sandwiched in between two wheat buns.

These latest offerings can be enjoyed with other Kenny Rogers Roasters classic combos: Salted Egg quarter roast or two-piece Salted Egg Unfried FriedChicken for P290 each. It comes with salted egg sauce, two side dishes, rice, and muffin. For only P270, customers can already have a full combo with the Salted Egg Unfried FriedChicken Bun with potato chips and 12oz of drink.

They can also enjoy all these with family orfriends! Salted Egg Roasted Chicken group meal comes with Salted Egg whole roast while Salted Egg Unfried Fried Chicken comes with one bucket (eight pieces) for only P1,025. The set includes salted egg sauce, four cups of rice, choice of four side dishes, muffins and 1.5L Coke.

Taste the egg-citingly rich and savory flavors of Kenny Rogers Roasters Salted Egg Roast, Unfried Chicken, & Unfried Fried Chicken Bun available for dine-in, takeout, or delivery through www.kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph, hotline: 8-555-9000, or via Grab Food and Food Panda.

For more updates, follow Kenny Rogers Roasters’ official social media pages: @KennyRogersPH on Facebook, @kennyrogersph on Instagram and Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/c/KennyRogersRoasters).

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