Ehem, Ehem! Pagaling Ka Agad With The New Bactidol簧 Cough Syrups

For the longest time, coughs have always needed an immediate cure. Itchy coughs & coughs with phlegm are just some of the bothersome manifestations and symptoms that affect millions of Filipinos every day. And now with the changing weather, coughs seem to be making their seasonal resurgence, adding an extra layer of discomfort to daily life. With the weather being unpredictable comes higher cases of people coughing, hence the need to be equipped with the essentials that can help treat coughs in no time.

Throughout the years, Bactidol has been dedicated to providing healthier & better lives for Filipinos. From being the most prescribed sore throat solution in the Philippines, Bactidol proudly expanded its portfolio by launching the newest addition of Bactidol Cough Syrups.

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Dr. Adrian Insigne, general practitioner, discussed the two types of cough.

Last February 13, Bactidol簧 gathered health care professionals to give medical perspective about the different types of coughs. Dr. Adrian Insigne, general practitioner, shares As doctors, it is our role to educate and inform patients about the different sicknesses such as coughs and how best to address these on the onset. Beyond being an inconvenience, persistent coughs can significantly impact one’s quality of life, affecting sleep, productivity, and overall well-being. In treating cough, it is very important to determine the type of cough we are experiencing, whether itchy cough or cough with phlegm, to identify the right treatment and medicine for faster recovery.

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Arshie Larga, Bactidol簧 brand ambassador, shared his experiences as a pharmacist.

Bactidol簧 also recently launched its latest TVC to mark the launch of its newest products, making it the first of its kind featuring Arshie Larga, a licensed pharmacist and now brand ambassador. To represent the Filipino Pharmacist community is an honor and privilege, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. As a content creator in my field, I hope I can continue to inform my audiences about the different types of coughs and bridge them to the right solutions such as the newest Bactidol Cough Syrups for itchy and productive cough, Arshie proudly states.

Bactidol簧 Cough syrups come in two variants that address both itchy cough and cough with phlegm. Ammonium chloride + Diphenhydramine HCl (Bactidol簧 Itchy Cough Relief) addresses itchy cough with its Fast Relief Formula that works in as fast as 15 minutes. While Guaifenesin + Bromhexine HCl (Bactidol簧 Heavy Phlegm Relief) has dual-action phlegm removal power that helps dissolve and helps expel phlegm.

Treasure Yan, marketing manager for Self-Care, Kenvue Philippines

Treasure Yan, Kenvue marketing manager for Self-Care, explains how these new products can stand out in the market, Bactidol Cough Syrups come in two variants that each address a specific type of cough, ensuring that Filipinos are able to treat their coughs accordingly so that they can Pagaling Agad.

Bactidol簧 team together with the panel of speakers Dr. Adrian Insigne and Arshie Larga.

(L-R: Regie Lagao, head of digital marketing, Kenvue Philippines; Angela Yusingco, brand manager for Self-Care, Kenvue Philippines; Mikka Lacanilao, brand manager for Self-Care, Kenvue Philippines; Dr. Adrian Insigne, general practioner; Treasure Yan, marketing manager for Self-Care, Kenvue Philippines; Arshie Larga, registered pharmacist and brand ambassador; Crismer Tiria, associate marketing director, Kenvue Philippines; Aldellyn Po, head of professional marketing, Kenvue Philippines; Julienne Ipapo, event host)

As we embrace the newest solutions presented by Bactidol簧 Cough Syrups, we look forward to educating more Filipinos about the different types of coughs and ensuring that they are provided with the right solutions to effectively manage their coughs. Through the combined efforts of healthcare professionals, advocates, and innovative products like Bactidol簧 Cough Syrups, we pave the way for a community that is more informed and is equipped to recover from coughs quickly.

Bactidol簧 Cough Syrups are now available over-the-counter in leading drugstores and on the official Bactidol簧 Lazada and Shopee shops online. To know more about Bactidol簧 Cough, visit Bactidol簧 on Facebook (