Eight Great Trees To Plant If You’re Looking For More Privacy In Your Backyard

Fences may be a great way to add privacy to a yard, but they’re not always the most attractive option and they’re easily damaged in severe weather. Instead, homeowners looking for something that’s more natural and adds to the beauty of their yard may want to consider adding in trees along the property line. Some of the best options to add more privacy to a backyard include the following.

Spartan Juniper

For smaller yards, the Spartan Juniper is a fantastic option. These grow to a height of around 15 feet and should be planted about three to five feet apart in an area with full sun. It is important to avoid heavy pruning with these, but professional pruning from a company like Tucker Enterprise can help keep them in great shape.

Sky Pencil Hollies

This type of Holly doesn’t have thorns and adds privacy without taking up a lot of space, so it’s another good option for smaller yards. These should be planted around two feet apart for the most coverage, and they tend to grow to around eight to ten feet tall.

Dogwood Trees

Homeowners looking for a flowering option will want to check out the Flowering Dogwood Trees. There are various colors and the berries are known to attract a variety of birds. A smaller tree, grow to around 15 to 25 feet tall and do well in larger yards where they have room to grow.

Goldspire Ginkgo

A beautiful golden color, the Goldspire Ginkgo is perfect for a functional yet unique privacy tree fence. These trees should be planted around five to six feet apart and they only tend to grow to around 16 feet in height. They do grow quickly, but there are ways to encourage faster growth to get the privacy needed faster.

Green Giant Thuja

Another tree that provides full coverage is the Green Giant Thuja. These can grow to 40 feet tall and do best when they’re planted in areas with partial or full sun. These don’t require a lot of pruning, though the tops can be trimmed to enhance their look.

Hybrid Willow Tree

A fast-growing option, the Hybrid Willow Tree can reach up to 35-45 feet tall when it’s planted in rows. If they are spaced more than around five feet apart, it is possible for them to grow to heights of more than 75 feet.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is a popular option for full coverage privacy. On top of adding more privacy, when these trees are used to grow a hedge, they can help block out the wind and noise. This helps create a backyard that’s more comfortable to enjoy.

Weeping Podocarpus

If the goal is a natural privacy fence that grows fast, the Weeping Podocarpus is an excellent option. These trees can grow to around 45 feet tall and should be placed ten to 20 feet apart, so they’re a good option for larger backyards.

Any of these trees are a great option for homeowners looking to add a little bit of privacy to the backyard. Before purchasing, make sure the tree is going to offer the look you prefer and that it’s going to end up being a fantastic option for your property. No matter which one you pick, you’ll love the added privacy that you’ll have in just a few years.


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