Elements That Add Appeal To Your Dream House

Crystal chandeliers hanging from decorated ceilings, long gilded mirrors sitting above marble mantels, custom awnings and curtains framing windows are all elements that can add more glamour to one’s Australian dream home. These elements need not just adorn the Instagram pages of celebrities but can be adopted by anyone with an eye for aesthetics.

The options are many in number when it comes to choosing each element for one’s dream home. Even if one plans on renovating and adding more charm to their well-loved home, selecting a new look requires thought.

Here are a few elements that can up the style quotient in any home:


Moulding carries with it an aura of timeless elegance and adds character to any space. The designs could range from frame mouldings to intricate crowns and medallions.

Curtains and Awnings

There are various textures, colours, and dimensions that one can choose while selecting a curtain that can instantly grab eyeballs. Full-length ones draw attention and make the room seem larger. Vivid floral or other abstract prints spruces up the ambience of the room instantly.

Awnings, on the other hand, are a necessity for windows or a balcony to block the sun. Custom awnings add a unique look to the external facade of any home. Today there are motorised awning options available that make retraction quicker and simple.

Awnings with folding arms serve the purpose effectively while saving space. Awnings keep the temperatures down by preventing the sun from heating the rooms. Its practical use is not just limited to this feature. Large awnings are perfect for having a picnic lunch on the balcony or for having one’s morning coffee without the sun directly beating down on them.

Gilded Mirrors

One of the single most impactful ways to add a rich quotient to a room is by adorning the wall or a mantel with a gilded mirror. Mirrors aid the overall quality by seemingly enhancing the space. Mirrors make a room feel a lot bigger than they are. They are available in unique designs and can be quite a conversation starter during parties.

Crystal Chandeliers

A chandelier is a grand statement that can immediately change the tone of a living room or any space. Some vintage models are known for their Victorian charm. But newer models come in relatively smaller proportions to fit any room with ease.


Antique furnishings and vintage accessories like columns, urns, marble busts, and statues impart grandeur to any space. The history these pieces carry can make for interesting conversations during a party or a gathering.


Ideally, a room’s focal point should be the most enamouring thing, and art pieces are just the thing for the job. Like all things, one should pay attention not to overdo it. It should not make the house look tacky. Instead, choose a piece that complements one’s interiors but still draws attention.

The room size plays a role in choosing a piece that is not too imposing. Mosaic artworks, abstract prints, and intricate details are all excellent options to choose from while selecting that appropriate piece. Minimalist art will complement the minimalist interior of a modern home. Vibrant colours and tones are well-suited for apartments and studio spaces.


Home decor is significant not just for practical reasons but also for aesthetic reasons as well. A curtain can shield one from sunlight but can also add depth and character to a room. Who says a thing cannot be beautiful while being useful at the same time? Having a well-curated space saves one from a lot of stress, and one’s home can be a solace from the hustle outside.


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