Embracing Growth: Caloet Jewelry’s Partnership With LBC

It’s been a challenging few years for the jewelry sector. The global industry experienced a significant downturn, with sales dropping by approximately 10% due to economic fluctuations and shifts in consumer preferences. However, history has shown the jewelry industry’s resilience, and current trends point towards a promising return to growth.

In fact, local jewelry distributor Caloet Jewelry, known for its exquisite collection of meticulously crafted fine jewelry, is witnessing a remarkable uptick in business. And to efficiently handle this growing demand, Caloet has partnered with local logistics giant, LBC, ensuring that their precious parcels reach customers swiftly and safely.

Behind Caloet’s Success

For Caloet, the primary criterion in selecting a shipping partner was the safety and security of their deliveries. Jewelry, being delicate and valuable, demands meticulous handling and secure transportation. LBCs stellar reputation for managing high-value items safely was a key factor in their selection. Caloet trusted LBC to provide the care and attention their products required.

“The safety and security provided by LBC’s services are unparalleled. From the moment our products leave the warehouse until they reach our customers’ hands, we are confident they are in the best possible care,” Erwin Logrino, Caloet founder, commented.

Caloet partnering with LBC can be credited to an individual whose vision for the brand proved to be pivotal for the budding business. Mommy Enny was not only Erwins mom, she was also Caloets coach and lead supplier who lent her long-standing knowledge of the local jewelry market to the growth of Caloet.  

Kung may maitatawag kaming angel namin sa business na to, si Mommy Enny, Erwin says. Her understanding of the jewelry markets nuances and foresight into the future needs of the business proved to be their key to successand it helped steer the company towards finding the right partners who could deliver the level of customer service that they wanted for their brand.

Case in point, the implementation of LBC’s advanced tracking system parallel to their expansion towards online selling, which marked a significant improvement in Caloets customer service. This key feature in LBCs service allowed both the seller and buyers to monitor their parcels in real-time through LBC’s website, adding a layer of transparency and reassurance in the purchasing process. For a jewelry brand like Caloet, this level of customer service is crucial in maintaining trust and satisfaction.

“Our clients appreciate the ability to track their precious purchases every step of the way. It’s a service that enhances the overall Caloet experience, reaffirming our commitment to customer care,” he shares. .

Caloets Confidence in LBC

Caloets confidence in LBC is further backed by their consistent handling of high-value shipments.

Every item shipped has reached its destination without issue, a testament to LBC’s meticulous care with our parcels. Ang kagandahan niya kasi nagkaroon kami ng peace of mind, ako pati yung customers ko. Kasi through shipping, through delivery, hindi na namin iniisip yung- kung may mangyari man, emphasizes Erwin. Caloets team specifically lauded LBC Glorietta for their exceptional service, noting their diligence in providing updates and ensuring the safety of the items.

LBC’s reputation for security and reliability played a significant role in Caloet’s decision to choose them as a logistics partner. The peace of mind afforded by LBCs insurance coverage is invaluable, ensuring that each item is protected throughout its journey. Additionally, LBCs efficient delivery, especially during high-demand periods, has positively impacted Caloet’s sales and customer satisfaction. Customers continuously express their happiness with the timely arrival of their purchases, often coinciding perfectly with the estimated delivery times provided.

The partnership between Caloet Jewelry and LBC transcends is a strategic alignment that resonates deeply with Caloet’s brand values and dedication to customer satisfaction. As Caloet expands its reach, their reliance on LBC’s logistical expertise highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in business. With LBC’s support, Caloet is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the jewelry sector and leverage its growth.

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