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Exclusive First Day Screening Of Ant-Man And The Wasp for Loyal Piip Users

Where was Ant man when Thanos wreaked havoc? This movie will answer that and some other questions you might have. How I wished Ant Man got into combat side by side with the Avengers, went microscopic, got into Thanos’ head literally, turned gigantic and ended the infinity war. But that would be a thought.

I’m a Marvel fan and I really enjoyed the movie just like other Marvel movies. It was ROFL kind of humor from the start to until the end. This one is safe to watch for kids. No foul language or obscenities.  They’re tiny but big in laughs. If their tech was real, it would have been the coolest thing man has ever invented. Imagine saving on space by shrinking your cars or your house, bring everything in your backpack to take it anywhere you please.

The cast includes big stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas and playing the role of Ant man is Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp. The story is about Ant man who is on house arrest, one day had a dream of being small again but being a different person and it revolved around solving this mystery. He finds ways to accomplish tasks by leaving his home without being detected of removing the tracking device on his leg.

Overall, the movie is a good combination of amazing special effects, good story line and love story. If you want to laugh hysterically, then you just hit the jackpot.

The exclusive first day screening of Ant-Man and The Wasp was made possible by Piip. Piip is the FIRST mobile app created to help businesses promote products and services effortlessly and help Piipsters receive the latest updates without unwanted ads. Honestly speaking, no wants like an app that has a lot of unwanted ads while we are browsing, right? Piip integrates instant messaging and business promotion, providing our end users a seamless, safe and easy way to get in touch with the shops they frequently visit, receive promotions from the merchants they love, and discover new ones based on their current location (geo-targeting) and their likings. You can stay in touch with your friends and at the same time have an opportunity to discover merchants and their promotions based on your location.

It is also a messenger application that gives customers the ability to chat with friends, discover promotions through the billboard and follow merchants they like. Filter the most relevant brands or merchants and receive updates from them. Customers can also contact the sellers directly for questions or comments.

Piip was developed in Switzerland as a messenger app in 2011 and  started public testing in Serbia in 2016. Their  soft launched was last February 2017 here in the Philippines. Piip mobile has developed a close relationship with the Araneta Group as a merchant partner. Most of the merchants of the app are Araneta Group companies such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Novotel etc.

How does Piip Mobile work?

Piip allows consumers to follow promotions around their vicinity through the app’s user interface. These promotions are offered every day and are posted by Piip’s numerous partners and merchants. To follow promotions, it is important that the location service is switched on, go to the billboard tab, setup the billboard filters to select different types of promos and proximity of search. Clicking on the promo tile will give consumers more information about the promotion and they can directly communicate with the merchants to close the deal and confirm the reservation.

Through the Piip Billboard, consumers can browse the best offers from different merchants around them. They directly message merchants for the best deals of the day. Piip also allows them to get in touch with their friends and family and share with them great deals. It is the latest deals and promos application with a messaging feature that makes it easy to communicate with their friends and merchants.

You can download the Piip app for FREE. To know more about Piip, visit their website on www.piip.com. Like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Piip.PH/.


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