Facebook announced that it will launch Run by Moms, a #SheMeansBusiness initiative tailored for mompreneurs. At the center of the program is a series of FB Live sessions led by mompreneurs for current and aspiring mompreneurs. The program kicks off on May 7 (8PM), with the Night School series on the Facebook for Business Page.

Filipina mompreneurs Zarah Juan, Kate Delos Reyes of Edamama, and Leslie May Canilao of Ceres Garden, will share their experience and insights on creating a business presence online, launching creative Facebook campaigns and how mompreneurs can build resilience. 

Through the Run by Moms program, mompreneurs can also access a directory of Filipina-led Facebook Groups that aim to help moms and women entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow their business online.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses globally for over a year. We know that women are disproportionately affected not only at work, but also at home. Through the Run by Moms night school sessions, we hope that more Filipina mompreneurs can get inspiration and learn directly from Filipina mompreneurs on best practices, or by finding the right Group to support them in their journey to entrepreneurship and business recovery, said Beth Ann Lim, Director of Policy Programs and Government Outreach, Facebook Asia-Pacific. 

Globally, women-led businesses are particularly susceptible to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because women-led and owned businesses tend to be smaller and more concentrated in the sectors that are vulnerable to the pandemic. Female business leaders were also found to have been affected more than their male counterparts by increased domestic responsibilities such as home schooling and caring for. Other studies have found that job losses were more prevalent for women, even after accounting for sector differences.

In the Philippines, 57% of operational women-led small businesses said that sales in the past month were lower than the same period last year, prior to the pandemic, compared to 47% of operational men-led SMBs on Facebook. 

Run by Moms is an initiative launched within Facebooks #SheMeansBusiness program. #SheMeansBusiness empowers women entrepreneurs through digital skills training and financial literacy.

Since #SheMeansBusiness launched in 2016, the program has trained 1 Million women in 38 markets through a global network of over 40 community partners. In the Philippines, #SheMeansBusiness launched in 2016, and has reached over 20,000 women entrepreneurs.

Run by Moms Night School Schedule

Featured Mompreneur: Zarah Juan 

Featured Mompreneur: Kate Delos Reyes of Edamama.ph 

 Featured Mompreneur: Leslie May Canilao of Ceres Garden Center 

  • Mompreneurs staying resilient | Fri 18th June

Find a Community thats Run by Moms

Mompreneurs who want to connect with women entrepreneurs can visit the Run by Moms Facebook Group directory in the Facebook for Business website. The Page is designed to make it easy for mompreneurs to learn and connect directly with Filipina-led mompreneur Groups on Facebook including Filipina Homebased Moms, MOMpreneurs Club PH, Madiskarte Moms, #ConnectedWomen, Creative Cakepreneurs PH, and Glam-O-Mamas. To find out more, log on to: https://www.facebook.com/business/shemeansbusiness/ph/runbymoms

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