Fighting the Virus with Virality: TikTok #HandwashingMove dance challenge informs COVID-19 Prevention

Dance challenges on TikTok has proven once again that it has the power to go viral— or fight a virus in this case. Users of the platform in Vietnam are spreading awareness on the prevention of COVID-19 with the hashtag challenges #handwashingmove and #ghencovychallenge. As of writing, the challenge already has 18.1M views and 2.4M views respectively.

Quang Dang video

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One of Vietnams popular dancers, Quang Dang, choreographed the #handwashingmove with six handwashing moves based on the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread of diseases.

The dance easily gained popularity with the help of the catchy song Ghen Co Vy (a song under communication project by Vietnams Ministry of Health) which literally translated as Jealous Coronavirus. The virus will surely be jealous as the dance even earned the approval of host and comedian John Oliver on his show Last Week Tonight.

“It absolutely slaps! That’s a genuine club-banger right there!, commented Oliver.

#handwashingmove and #ghencovychallenge mark another #TikTokforGood effort to spread useful and correct information to the community. Not only an act to raise awareness about healthcare habits, the challenges also deliver TikToks optimistic spirit in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic. The platform will be present as a worldwide trustworthy, helpful yet joyful information channel for the public during this serious period.

Simple knowledge of disease prevention such as keeping warm, wearing medical masks or washing hands properly are basic practices that everyone needs to acquire. With the advantage in technology and the diverse in background music, TikTok will contribute in equipping users with these useful information and skills, encouraging each person to protect their health, as well as their family and the community, said Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh – Head of Public Policy, TikTok Vietnam.

I believe that dancing to lively music is the best way to remember properly healthcare knowledge, such as 6 steps of washing hands. I hope #handwashingmove, along with many other healthcare tips delivered through short videos in this campaign will be helpful and cheerful for all users, said dancer Quang Dang.

Try out the #handwashingmove with this step by step video tutorial from the choreographer himself!
Step-By-Step Tutorial

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