Finally, A Dispensary I Want To Go To: 5 Things To Look For In A Cannabis Dispensary

With so many dispensaries springing up across the country, many are proving to be in the business solely to make a profit. Sourcing quality cannabis should be the main goal of all dispensaries, and with the apparent gold rush and influx of new canna-businesses, quality has taken what seems to be a back seat. Learning where to get the best cannabis products can be overwhelming, even for experienced cannabis users! Fortunately, a locally owned dispensary in MA, named Canna Provisions is paving the way,

How Canna Provisions Leads by Example

Attentive Staff 

If you ask dispensary customers what keeps them coming back to their dispensaries of choice, most would tell you that it’s their relationships with the staff. Informed, engaging staff make customers feel welcome and seen, which is especially important when it comes to purchasing cannabis products. Canna Provisions’ outgoing staff makes a special effort to get to know regular customers and speak with them at length about their individual needs. Staff can turn a neutral dispensary experience into a memorable one. 

1-on-1 Consultations 

Canna Provisions employs some of the best cannabis curators and sellers in the industry. These cannabis experts, known as guides, provide one-on-one consultations with customers prior to purchase. They will ask you questions about your preferences, goals, and previous experiences with various types of products in order to determine the best canna provisions for you. This includes deciding on your ideal strains as well as your preferred mode of administration.

Wide Selection 

When it comes to selection, most dispensaries on the east coast are limited. Canna Provisions offers a diverse selection of cannabis strains and products to try. If you’re new, you might not feel knowledgeable enough to make a decision without the help of a guide, and that’s okay! A large inventory, in general, is a strong indicator that a dispensary will have a variety of options that are suitable for you. Because both the type of product and the strains can affect your experience, having more options makes it easier to find the best picks for you.

Established Brands

When it comes to cannabis products, as with many other things, it is best to prioritize quality over quantity. Some brands may appear to provide more bang for your buck, but this does not translate into better cannabis. Instead, ensure that the brands carried by your dispensary are reputable and well-known, even if it’s just known locally. This will help you determine what to expect from each product. Using well-known brands also increases the likelihood that others experienced the products. 

Community Involvement 

Cannabis dispensaries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of community-based organizations, but community involvement is critical for dispensary owners and customers. Canna Provisions, with locations in Lee and Holyoke, is a proud partner of the surrounding towns and has established local roots throughout the communities. Whether recreationally or medicinally, Canna Provisions provides people with cannabis, and cannabis equals happiness.

Finding a trustworthy dispensary is critical, whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned user. Put your next cannabis experience in excellent hands by ensuring that your next dispensary, has upstanding employees, products, and a commitment to the community – just like Canna Provisions.


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