Five Adulting Purchases You Can Make Without Breaking The Bank

The struggle is real when it comes to adulting. Managing one’s finances is more challenging when you know how hard it is to make money yourself. As you learn how to budget your expenses, treating yourself every once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

Considering your commitment to the daily grind, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here are some adulting purchases you can make without going broke:

  1. A laptop. While you can Netflix and Chill using your home desktop, it’s more convenient to have your own laptop so you can take your work or lifestyle interests with you wherever you go. You can work while sunbathing at the beach or shop online in the comfort of your bed.
  1. Smartphone upgrade. If you’ve been using the same smartphone for a few years, you should treat yourself to a new unit. There are plenty of mid-range smartphone options that won’t put a dent in your wallet. They’re packed with excellent features that can make your life more convenient. Plus, you can store more photos, videos, and emails with a smartphone with a huge memory.
  1. Electric scooter. If your workplace is less than an hour away, you can benefit tremendously from buying an electric scooter. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also makes traveling within the city so much easier. In addition, you get to save a lot because you wouldn’t have to commute or book a car so often.
  1. A good quality mattress. Your sleep quality affects your energy levels, and where you snooze can impact how well your slumber is. If you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress since you were a teenager, you should consider upgrading to one that can give you great support and ease your back problems. It can even improve your posture over time.
  1. A powerful vacuum cleaner. At the end of the day, you’d want to relax, but cleaning up your room or apartment can take so much of your time. You can save a lot of time and energy by investing in a high-powered vacuum cleaner that does the job efficiently for you. This adulting purchase is a total game-changer that’ll make your space look spick and span effortlessly.

These purchases are awesome investment pieces that can make your life so much easier. However, these are items you can’t just buy on a whim. Fortunately, GGives allows GCash users to make these purchases without hurting their wallets.

A convenient way to shop

With GGives, you can buy now and pay later for items worth up to PHP125,000 from GCash-partnered merchants, where you can also enjoy flexible installment payments with low-interest rates.

This installment option allows you to Pay Lighter with payment terms of 3,6,9 to 12 months or through 24 gives over 12 months. This means you can pay for purchases slowly every payday. You can use GGives when you pay for items in your go-to store via Scan to Pay QR code or through your favorite brand’s online payment options.

“We understand how tough adulting can be, and with GCash, more Filipinos can make wise investments that can transform their lives,” says GCash Chief Customer Officer Winsley Bangit. “You don’t need to go broke to buy the things you need with GGives and our other lending products.”

Find out your GScore

To know how much you can buy using GGives, you need to verify your GScore. This score reflects your active use of GCash’s products, such as maintaining an active wallet balance, paying your bills, and using GSave, GInvest, and GInsure. Your GScore increases the more you use your GCash account, which allows you to enjoy a bigger amount you can use when paying for your desired purchases using GCash.

To find out what your GScore is, simply tap your profile, tap GScore, and a screen will pop up and display what it is.

For more information on GGives, you can explore this installment option on your GCash app or the official GCash website. GCash is available to all Philippine mobile networks and can be used wherever you are in the world as long as you have a Philippine network sim. Through GGives and GCash, more Filipinos can afford to live the lives they deserve without getting into too much debt.

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