Five Travel Documents You Need To Travel Internationally

Going abroad was just a shot to the moon dream before. But with tour packages and airfare promos, it becomes more and more accessible to everyone. The paying scheme is pretty reasonable and flexible. It usually goes either in group and even solo and in a series of countries at that. But before you actually book your ticket and save on the allowances you will need, pay attention first to these five important documents.


Of course, this should be at the top of your list! Passports serve as your international ID. It represents what country you belong, age and other relevant information about you. In local flights, you wouldn’t require this but in international ones, they are quite strict about this due to security reasons. And you wouldn’t even be able to leave the country without it. In the Philippines, a passport is usually at PHP 1,000 and you can avail of it in any of DFA’s official satellite branches. Go check their website to know the requirements to have one.


This is not actually document but an essential part of the documentation process you would have to undergo especially if you are planning to travel overseas. Securing one of this means you were given legal access to the country’s borders, under a definite time. Different countries have diverging laws about it. Here in Asia, there are countries who do not require a visa; Taiwan would be a good example. Once ASEAN is fully integrated anyone from these member-states can travel to and fro to any places. Bear in mind that releasing of visa also varies; some are longer while others are shorter. It would be wise to secure one earlier.

International Driver’s Permit

If you plan to drive while abroad your local driver’s license won’t cut the bill, even any IDs you have at that. You would need to secure an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from the Automotive Association of the Philippines. It is a different office from the LTFRB which we are all accustomed to. An IDP will cost you around PHP 3,920. The base rate is PHP 3,500 while they charge an additional 12% VAT for the processing fee. Required documents include a photocopy of your Philippine driving license, two pieces of 2X2” colored with white background ID picture. Processes and other details you need to know are available on their website

Invitation Letter or Itinerary Plan

Immigration officers would normally question the duration of your stay in a country. If you have an itinerary plan or an invitation letter, then those would do. Just present these to them to validate that you are staying there for vacation or visiting purposes only. You may also ask the travel agency to provide you a copy of this so that you can present this to the immigration officer. On this, consider printing any supporting documents that can support your limited stay in a particular country. This will lessen your stress and will smoothen the process of entering and exiting.

Airline Ticket

Do not lose this! Make sure that this is kept in your luggage or a folder where all of your important travel documents are stored. This contains all the information of your departure and arrival to and from a country. This is also the first thing you would have to present in order to alight the plane. Losing this might be a travel nightmare for you. You will have to undergo excruciating processes of reprinting and repayments, so please be very careful with this. You wouldn’t want to sleep in the airport.

All these documents are important to you. Keep them safe and make sure to produce extra copies if possible. If anything happens to your documents, contact the nearest Philippine Embassy. They will help you go through the process of reclaiming them. Lastly, never give your documents to anyone you are not sure of. Your privacy is of utmost importance.


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